Texas Vascular Plant Image Library
Program: DFTOUT1.IPF

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DFTOUT1.IPF, written in the KnowledgeMan (KMAN) programming language, manipulates KMAN data tables to produce a series of HTML files - one for each family represented by available images - that list images with 'links' that allow examination via a WWW browser.

Plant images contributed by participants in the Digital Flora of Texas Project are incorporated, usually from delimited ASCII files into data tables which are merged into a single database (TEXIMAGE.ITB) by this program. It also sorts by family and genus, and outputs a suite of HTML files (IMATX???.HTM) by 'walking' through TEXIMAGE.ITB. This process involves the use of a database containing taxa of the Cronquist classification system (CRONQ3.ITB and indices) for subclass/order strings and another, fullfam1.itb, for unique, 3-character strings used to create file names. DFTOUT1.IPF also writes all output to a single file, DFTOUT1.TXT, that is used as the source for a string query system that is now under development.

Last run of DFTOUT1.IPF: 04/24/01
Family HTML pages output: 179
Habitat images (indexed file only): 183
Plant images linked to family pages: 8268

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