The Digital Flora of Texas is a developing research enterprise conducted by members of the Flora of Texas Consortium with support from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  This suite of 'working' pages, and referenced prototype products, are under development and not for public access at this time.  Cooperative site and product development will proceed until we have prototype products suitable for public use, probably March 2001.

Prototype content modules under development:

Checklist - Vascular Plants of Texas (revised - 6 Feb 00 - working draft, index created 5 Apr 00)

    20 May 00 - Phryma elevated to Family following recent treatments
    27 Apr 00 - Grass treatment edited to conform to Gould's Grasses of Texas (file from Steve Hatch, 11 Jan 00)

Texas Vascular Plant Image Library (initial working draft - 15 Feb 00 - index created 15 May 00)

Bibliography - Vascular Plants of Texas  (initial working draft 5 Apr 00, index created 5 May 00)

Herbarium Specimen Browser (established for public access, but in need of attention) and new version with enhanced mapping

Draft Newsletter for the project - we could place this at the public site, with new notes added as they occur, as a sign of activity

    24 May 2000 - revised

Herbarium Listing Page - could be linked to the public front page (13 Apr 00)