Bibliography - Vascular Plants of Texas

    This is a draft or prototype system functioning as a 'test bed' for various procedures, both botanical and computational, that facilitate digital expression of a bibliography for the Digital Flora of Texas project.  The system works by processing a 'bibliography' data file to produce three products; HTML pages with references ordered alphabetically by author, HTML pages with references arranged by topic (families, 'general', and 'Texas' at this point), a set of family-specific HTML pages, and a full text index that will allow user to query reference collection for any that match a given string of characters or group of strings.  Some of the HTML pages generated by the system carry queries to the index as links.  An 'bibliography' data file, originally formed from a file maintained by Standly Jones as an update of the bibliography present in Jones and Wipff (1997), A Checklist for the Vascular Plants of Texas (thanks to Stanley Jones), was supplemented by adding content from 'literature cited' files from the Shinners & Mahler's Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas (thanks to George Diggs), the citations from Monique Reed's treatment for the Dicots of Brazos and Surrounding Counties (thanks to Monique Reed).  New references will be added as they become available.  Some glitches are present in the HTML formatting, and the general structure will be altered as we move along.  However, this now functions as a 'working' foundation for a digital reference source which can be browsed or queried by linking author/date on web pages to a index query URL that carries author/date.

    We are working toward a system that will allow project participants to enter this system with the browser and edit/add/delete references as needed.

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