Botany 620 - Field Trip Log
Signs of Life? - Flynn Bog System (Leon County)
9 April 1996

This foray to sites near the village of Flynn, just North of Normangee in Leon County, centered on Carrizo Sand bog/sandyland areas and the hope that the flora of this region might be more evident than other sites visited this Spring.

Our first stop, Cripple Fawn Ranch (private property - permission required), provided access to an unusual 'hanging bog' that features dense populations of Sarracenia alata on a seepy hillside. As is typically the case, the flora of this boggy area is slow to develop and we found little in flower. The Sarracenia was in bud and a better view of the plant can be obtain from the image gallery and other sources from the gateway.

Our next stop, Hotzen Ranch (private property - permission required), allowed access to the bog flora positioned in a more typical manner; along constant flow drainages - in this case (below) - at the margin of an artifical pond:

Remnants of the local bog flora persist only because ranchers have a difficult time converting them to pasture. One element of this 'bog resistance' to domestication is an armed, 'woody' vine with distinctive 'laural' like leaves. This particular species, an element of the bog flora, is unusually robust, as indicated by established and emerging shoots. Another element of the bog flora, Osmunda ferns were evident beneanth the Myrica thickets by developing fertile fronds as well as emerging 'fiddle heads' of the vegetative fronds. We also encountered a 'trophy' Cirsium:

and, at the pond margin, Drosera rosettes, new shoots of Mayaca, and two Utricularia species in flower.

Given the 'retarded' Spring flora this year, a better view of the interesting flora normally present and active in the Flynn area is at the Flynn Bog System Web pages. Also, for a preview of next week's excursion to the wilds, check out the Sandstone Outcrop pages.

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Created on 10 April 1996