Botany 620 - Field Trip Log
Lenz Property II/Madison County
19 March 1996

This return to the Lenz Property (private, permission required for entry) in western Madison County involved a different path through the area that included a closer look are the oxbow lakes (above) and Agryopyron meadows of the bottoms.

After a fruitless search for flowering populations and the essence of 'Zulch' along the back roads of Madison County, we botanized an upland area with natural erosion features typical of drainage heads of the Navasota highlands (above). This area, off rt. 39 South of North Zulch was dominated by another species of Agropyron and carried a suite of taxa representing the:

This site also included an artificial pond that had been in place for some time in that its margins are inhabited by this dioecious shrub

which is one of only two species representing this family in the state flora.

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Created on 27 March 1996