Botany 620 - Field Trip Log
The Emerging Flora - Lenz Property
5 March 1996

The Lenz Property (private, permission required for entry) offers a look at western uplands of the Navasota Vallley and the alluvial floodplain, including oxbows and springs. The site is located in western Madison County. Our path followed the hunting cabin road to the spring (Taxodium) with a short excusion into the Navasota bottomlands.

A fairly common inhabitant of the floodplain, this shrub produced an inflorescence of small flowers that - initially - had us thinking that it might be something apocarpous, maybe an element of the Magnollidae. We later discovered other plants, producing the same type of leaves, and staminate inforesences. So, what appeared to be apocarpous flowers were probably pistillate inforescences and we are looking for something relatively advanced (dioecious, opposite leaves), as opposed to an archaic element. We also observed the classic Carya-Pignose, Spring Beauties, two species of Carex, and Planera (water elm) in flower. Also flowering were: Senecio, Vicia, Hedotis, and Utrica.

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Created on 25 March 1996