B620 - Taxonomic Literature - Overview


Conrad, Henry S.1905.The Waterlilies.A monograph of the genusNymphaea.Carnegie Institution of Washington:QK 495.N97 C7


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B. General Groups and Examples


QK 1.C2 - California University Publication in Botany

QK 1.C55 - Chronica Botanica

QK 1.F4 - Field Museum of Natural History - Botanical Series

(Chicago Natural History Museum - Fieldiana: Botany)


QK 11.L45 - Lemee's Dictionnaire des Genres des PlantesPhanerogames

QK 31 - BIOGRAPHY (Individual)

QK 31.G8 D8 - Dupree, A.H. 1959.Asa Gray.


QK 91.S69 - Stafleu, F. A. Linnaeus and the Linnaeans


QK 95.L3 - Lawrence, G.H.M.1951.An introduction to PlantTaxonomy.


QK 96.I58 - International Code of Botanical Nomenclature



QK 495.A17 - Acer

QK 495.Q4 - Quercus

QK 495.N97 - Conrad, H.S.The Waterlilies.


QK 97.C2 - de Candolle's de Monographiae Phanerogamarum.

QK 97.E62 - Engler's Das Pflanzenreich.


QK110 - North American

QK110.A1 - North American Flora.

QK 125 - Southeastern U.S.

QK125.S64 - Small, J.K. Manual of the Southeastern Flora.

QK 146 - Alaska

QK 146.H84 - Hulten's Flora of Alaska and Yukon

QK 211 - Mexico

QK 211.M3 - Martinez, M. Catalogo do Plantas Mexicana

QK 281 - Europe

QK 281.H4 - Hegi, Flora Von Mittel-Europa

QK 281.T8 - Flora Europaea.

QK 321 - Russia

QK 321.A36 - Flora URSS.


QK 524 - Systematic Divisions

QK 525 - U.S.

QK 527 - Great Britian

QK 529 - Asia


Z535.T8r42 - Rehder, A. - Bibliography of Cultivated Trees and Shrubs


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