Botany 620 (2004 and 2007) - Texas A&M University - Dr. Hugh D. Wilson
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Web References (from the TAMU-BWG):

A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States,  Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands:  Can browse or query to check nomenclature, distribution and sometimes images.  Proper spelling/author is insured via cut/paste from this system.

Vascular Plant Image Gallery:  Provides a quick image check for an unknown.  Taxonomic coverage limited, but this system carries a good sample of the local flora.

The Flowering Plant Gateway:  A view of the classification system used in Botany 620 relative to others and, by selecting a family name, a suite of web references for that family.

Plant Systematics and Evolution:  A compilation of web references centered on North American floristics.

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