Texas A&M University - Department of Biology - Herbarium

The Plant Collection

    Your plant collection must contain at least 150 specimens, representing at least 60 families (or tribes of the Asteraceae and Poaceae) of vascular plants. A typed (or printed) specimen label data form must accompany each specimen.  The plant must be completely DRY.  Specimens must represent material collected in Texas during the current semester (unless exempted by research-associated collecting).  Each specimen is valued at 1 point.  Grading is based on quality of preparation (.1), quality of specimen (.2), quality of specimen label data (.2), and accuracy of identification (.5).  You should be able to secure required material during scheduled field work this Spring semester.  Specimens should be handed in as they are prepared, although 25 must be handed in by 30 March, an additional 50 by 20 April, and the final 75 by 10 May.

     Check out collection guidelines from Botany 301 for a general overview (note minimal requirements for undergrads), as well as information on specimen labels, the collection summary sheet, and the field collection log

Last updated: 16 December 1999