Unusual little Carex from Moore's Hill
Collected during BOTN 620 field trip - 16 April 1996

Plants depicted by the linked images below (large image files) were scattered and localized beneath Juniperus in an outcrop area known as Moore's Hill that is located just just northeast of Navasota, Texas (Grimes County). Have a look at:Best guess, provided by Dr. James Manhart, is something in section Laxiflorae with similarities to both C. digitalis Willd. and C. abscondita Mackenzie, but not a very good match for either. Please contact Hugh Wilson if you can help with a determination of this collection. (NOTE: identification was provided shortly after this query was posted on TAXACOM by Anton Reznicek, University of Michigan Herbarium: Carex planostachys Kunze - CEDAR SEDGE)
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Created on 26 April 1996