Flynn Bogs Chapter VIII

CHAPTER VIII - The Lotus Pond

Tucked away in the center of the ranch is a circular pond filled almost exclusively with Lotus plants (Nelumbo lutea). These plants root on the muddy pond bottom and send up large, umbrella-like leaves. The leaves have a waxy coating which is impossible to wet. Lotus blossoms are creamy yellow and large--up to eight inches across. The flowers are followed by the peculiar, shower-head like fruit. The cone-shaped receptacle bears several round nuts, each in its own little hole. A close look at the inside of one of these nuts early in its development reveals that the ovule, which develops into the seed after fertilization, is suspended from the top of the ovary. These seed heads on their long, often fantastically-curved stalks are a favorite with flower arrangers.

Chapter IX - The Sugar Sand Road

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