Flynn Bogs Chapter IX

CHAPTER IX - The Sugar Sand Road

As we leave the ranch, we have a chance to study a final assemblage of wildflowers. The road from the ranch is lined with the fine white sand locals call "sugar sand." This sand is soupy and hard to drive through when wet, and almost as treacherous when bone dry and loose. Some interesting plants, though, find it just right.

Palafoxia reverchonii (Reverchon Palafoxia) is a striking member of the sunflower family. The rosy-purple heads have showy ray florets, which not all members of this genus do. This particular species is rather uncommon in this part of the world, being found only in very sandy, forested areas.

Froelichia floridana (Florida Snakecotton) is not so showy. Its flowers are small, tucked away in the dense wool that covers the inflorescence. Identifying Froelichia plants to species requires picking through the wool to get to the diagnostic fruits.

We know this sandy road and these wildflowers will be here to welcome us when we can come again.

Chapter X - Hilltop Lakes

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