Free-living Cucurbita pepo in the United States
Viral Resistance, Gene Flow, and Risk Assessment

A report prepared for: USDA APHIS BBEP Biotechnology Coord By: Dr. Hugh D. Wilson

Introduction: This report brings together information relating to free-living gourd populations of the United States, their association with domesticated squash and pumpkin populations growing under cultivation, possible genetic contact between free-living and domesticated populations, and possible consequences if this contact involved a transgenic domesticated line that carries viral resistance.
Specific questions include:

The report begins with a review of recent information relating to Cucurbita taxonomy and evolution, agricultural history of the eastern United States, and biological definition of the plants under consideration. This overview of recent research, published either in the past five years or in press, provides a rational foundation and biological context for consideration of the specific questions listed above.

What is Cucurbita texana?

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