Texas Natural Heritage Program
Incomplete Working Draft, 12 September 1995 (wrcwp\spl\endemics95)

Taxa no longer considered endemic
Deletions from Endemic Vascular Plants of Texas (Anonymous, undated) and/or Phytogeographical Investigation of Texas Endemics (Amos, 1991: Phytogeographical investigation of Texas endemics. Unpublished list of target species. 10 pp)

Abutilon marshii Standl. Submerged by Fryxell (1988) within Allowissadula holosericea (Scheele) Bates.

Acer leucoderme Small. Ranges throughout southeastern US.

Acleisanthes crassifolia Gray. Ranges into Coahuila (Smith, 1975).

Agave chisosensis Mull. Included in A. glomeruliflora, which ranges into Coahuila.

Agave havardiana Trel. Ranges into Mexico (Powell, 1988).

Aletes filifolius Math., Const. & Theobald. Ranges into New Mexico (Martin & Hutchins, 1981).

Amsonia tharpii Woods. Also occurs in Eddy Co., New Mexico.

Andropogon spadiceus Swallen. Ranges into Mexico (Powell, 1994).

Aquilegia longissima. Range includes Chihuahua, Coahuila and Nuevo León.

Astragalus leptocarpus T. & G. Ranges into Louisiana (Thieret, 1967).

Astragalus nuttallianus A. DC. var. macilentus (Small) Barneby. Ranges into New Mexico and Mexico (Martin & Hutchins, 1981)

Astragalus soxmaniorum Lundell. Ranges into Louisiana (Thieret, 1969).

Batesimalva violacea (Rose) Fryxell (Gaya violacea Rose). Range includes Coahuila and Nuevo Leon.

Billieturnera helleri (Rose) Fryxell (Sida helleri Rose). Ranges into Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon (Fryxell, 1982).

Bouchetia erecta DC. Ranges into Coahuila, Hidalgo, and Nuevo Leon.

Celtis lindheimeri Sarg. Reported by Sargent (1949) from Mexico, Oklahoma, & Arizona. However, not reported from Arizona by Kearney & Peebles (1960) or from Arizona by Waterfall (1972).

Chaetopappa hersheyi Blake. Ranges into New Mexico, but endemic to Guadalupe Mountains.

Cassia aristellata (Greene) Cory & Parks. Submerged in Chamaecrista calycioides (Colladon) Greene var. calycioides.

Chamaesyce chaetocalyx (Boiss.) Woot. & Standl. var. triligulata (Wheeler) Mayfield (Euphorbia fendleri T. & G. var. triligulata Wheeler; Euphorbia chaetocalyx (Boiss.) Tidestr. var. triligulata (Wheeler) M. C. Johnst.) Ranges into Coahuila.

Chamaesyce geyeri (Engelm.) Small var. wheeleriana (Warnock & M. C. Johnston) Mayfield (Euphorbia geyeri Engelm. var. wheeleriana Warnock & M. C. Johnston). Ranges into New Mexico and Chihuahua.

Chamaesyce perennans Shinners (Euphorbia perennans (Shinners) Warnock & M. C. Johnst.). Ranges into Chihuahua.

Chrysothamnus spathulatus L. C. Anderson. Ranges into New Mexico.

Cirsium turneri Warnock. Ranges into Chihuahua and Coahuila.

Coreopsis intermedia Sherff. Ranges into Louisiana (Gandhi & Thomas, 1989).

Coreopsis wrightii (Gray) Parker. (C. basalis (Otto & Dietr.) Blake var. wrightii (Gray) Blake). Ranges into Oklahoma (Smith, 1976).

Crataegus tracyi Ashe. If specimens at LL, TEX are correctly determined, this hawthorn ranges into Coahuila.

Cryptantha oblata Payson. Ranges into New Mexico (Martin & Hutchins, 1981).

Dalea phleoides (T. & G.) Shinners var. phleoides (Petalostemum glandulosum Coult. & Fisher). Ranges into Louisiana (MacRoberts, 1984; Thieret, 1968)

Dalea phleoides (T. & G.) Shinners var. microphyllum (T. & G.) Barneby (Petalostemum microphyllum (T. & G.) Heller; Dalea drummondiana Shinners). Barely extends into southern Oklahoma (Barneby, 1977) and Arkansas (Smith, 1988).

Dalea villosa Nutt.) Spreng. var. grisea (T. & G.) Barneby (Petalostemum griseum T. & G.). Ranges into Louisiana (Barneby, 1977).

Delphinium madrense Wats. Range includes northeastern Mexico.

Desmanthus acuminatus Benth. (D. virgatus (L.) Willd. var. acuminatus (Benth.) Isely). Ranges into South America (Luckow, 1993).

Digitaria patens (Swallen) Henr. (Trichachne patens Swallen). Range includes Mexico (Gould, 1975)

Eragrostis swallenii Hitchc. Range includes Mexico (Gould, 1975).

Erigeron bigelovii Gray. Range includes New Mexico and northern Mexico (Martin & Hutchins, 1981).

Erigeron geiseri Shinners var. geiseri. Ranges includes Oklahoma (Johnston, 1990).

Eriogonum correllii Reveal. Range includes Oklahoma (McGregor et al., 1986).

Euphorbia strictior Holz. Range includes New Mexico (New Mexico Native Plants Protection Advisory Committee, 1984).

Evax candida (T. & G.) Gray. Ranges into Louisiana (MacRoberts, 1989).

Frankenia johnstonii Correll. Ranges into Nuevo Leon.

Fraxinus texensis (Gray) Sarg. Ranges into Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma (Simpson, 1988).

Fryxellia pygmaea (Correll) Bates (Anoda pygmaea Correll). Ranges into Coahuila (Fryxell & Valdes, 1991).

Galium correllii Dempst. Ranges into Coahuila.

Galium frankliniense Correll. Submerged within G. wrightii Gray.

Garrya ovata Benth. var. lindheimeri (Torr.) Dahling (G. lindheimeri Torr.). Ranges into Mexico.

Geranium texanum (Trel.) Heller. Range includes Oklahoma (Taylor & Taylor, 1987) and Arkansas (Thomas et al., 1991).

Habranthus texanus (Herb.) Steud. Included by Holmes & Wells (1980) within H. tubispathus, which is primarily South American in distribution. Holmes & Wells speculated that it is not native to North America.

Hackelia pinetorum (Greene) I. M. Johnston. Ranges into New Mexico.

Hechtia texensis Wats. Range includes Mexico (Powell, 1988).

Hedeoma apiculatum W. S. Stewart. Ranges into New Mexico; endemic to Guadalupe Mountains.

Heimia longipes (Gray) Cory (Nessaea longipes Gray). Range includes Mexico.

Helianthus debilis Nutt. subsp. cucumerifolius (T. & G.) Heiser. Ranges into southeastern US (Cronquist, 1980).

Hybanthus verticillatus Ort. Baill. var. platyphyllus (Gray) Cory & Parks. Variety submerged within species.

Ipomaea cardiophylla Gray. Ranges into New Mexico and Arizona (Martin & Hutchins, 1981).

Ipomaea lindheimeri Gray. Ranges into New Mexico (Martin & Hutchins, 1981).

Ipomopsis havardii (Gray) V. Grant. Ranges into Coahuila and Chihuahua.

Justicia runyonii Small. Ranges into Tamaulipas.

Justicia warnockii Turner. Ranges into Coahuila.

Lechea mensalis Hodgd. Range includes Coahuila.

Limnosciadium pumilum (Engelm. & Gray) Math. & Const. Reported from Louisiana (Thieret, 1967).

Lithospermum parksii I. M. Johnst. var. parksii. Ranges into New Mexico.

Lycium puberulum Gray var. puberulum. Range includes much of Mexico.

Lythrum ovalifolium Koehne. Range includes Mexico.

Manfreda sileri Verhoek. Ranges into Tamaulipas (Verhoek, 1978).

Marsilea macropoda Braun. Range includes much of Mexico (Johnston, 1986).

Menispermum canadense L. Range includes much of North America.

Mimosa emoryana Benth. Range includes Chihuahua (Powell, 1988).

Mirabilis collina Shinners. Included by Turner (1993b) in M. albida (Walt.) Heimerl.

Mirabilis eutricha Shinners. Included by Turner (1993b) in M. albida (Walt. Heimerl.

Mirabilis grayana Standl. Included by Turner (1993b) in M. albida (Walt.) Heimerl.

Mirabilis lindheimeri Standl. Included by Turner (1993b) in M. jalapa L.

Nama havardii Gray. According to Bacon (1974), conspecific with N. stewartii I. M. Johnston, which ranges in to Mexico.

Nama xylopodum (Woot. & Standl.) C. L. Hitchc. Ranges into New Mexico (New Mexico Native Plants Protection Advisory Committee, 1984).

Ostrya chisosensis Correll. Ranges into Mexico.

Paronychia chorizanthoides Small. Submerged in P. lindheimeri Gray by Turner (1983a).

Paronychia drummondii T. & G. subsp. parviflora Chaudri. Submerged within P. drummondii by Turner (1983a).

Paronychia monticola Cory. Ranges into Mexico (Turner, 1983a).

Paronychia nudata Correll. Submerged in P. monticola Cory by Turner (1983a).

Paronychia parksii Cory. Submerged in P. virginica Spreng. (Turner, 1983a).

Pediomelum latestipulatum (Shinners) Mahler var. latestipulatum (Psoralea latestipulata Shinners var. latestipulata). Known from Kansas and New Mexico (Grimes, 1990).

Penstemon cardinalis Woot. & Standl. subsp. regalis (A. Nels.) Nisbet & Jackson. Ranges into New Mexico.

Perityle lindheimeri (Gray) Shinners var. lindheimeri. Ranges into New Mexico.

Perityle parryi Gray. Ranges into Chihuahua and Coahuila.

Phyllanthus ericoides Torr. Ranges into Coahuila.

Physostegia micrantha Lundell. Submerged by Cantino (1982) within P. intermedia (Nutt.) Engelm. & Gray.

Physostegia pulchella Lundell. Reported by Thieret (1971) from Louisiana.

Poa involuta Hitchc. Submerged in P. strictiramea, which ranges well into Mexico (Soreng, 1991; Powell, 1994)

Polanisia dodecandra (L.) DC. subsp. riograndensis Iltis. [check herbarium before deleting-- surely in Mexico.]

Polanisia erosa subsp. erosa. Known from LA and OK but "essentially a Texas endemic" (Correll & Johnston, 1970)

Polianthes maculosa (Hook.) Shinners (Manfreda maculosa (Hook.) Rose). Ranges into Mexico (Verhoek, 1975).

Polianthes runyonii Shinners (Manfreda longiflora (Rose) Verhoek). Also found in northern Tamaulipas.

Polygala maravillasensis Correll. Ranges includes Coahuila.

Polygala rimulicola Steyerm. var. rimulicola. Ranges includes New Mexico; actually endemic to Guadalupe Mts.

Polytaenia texana (Coult. & Rose) Math. & Const. Ranges into Oklahoma.

Porophyllum greggii Gray. Ranges into Chihuahua.

Proboscidea sabulosa Correll. Range includes New Mexico and Chihuahua.

Proboscidea spicata Correll. Range includes Coahuila.

Pyrrhopappus rothrockii Gray. Submerged in P. pauciflorus (D. Don) DC.

Quercus hinckleyi C. H. Mull. Ranges into Mexico (Riskind, pers. comm).

Quercus hypoleucoides. Ranges into Mexico (Powell, 1988)

Quercus tardifolia C. H. Mull. Ranges into Mexico (Powell, 1988).

Ranunculus fascicularis Muhl. var. cuneiformis (Small) L. Benson. Ranges into Louisiana (Benson, 1941).

Rosa stellata Woot. subsp. mirifica (Greene) W. H. Lewis var. erlansoniae W. H. Lewis. Ranges into New Mexico, but endemic to Guadalupe Mountains.

Rubus aboriginum Rydb. Ranges into Oklahoma (Waterfall, 1972), Missouri (Steyermark, 1963), and Kansas (Vines, 1960).

Rubus apogaeus Bailey. Ranges east to Alabama (Vines, 1960).

Schoenolirion texanum (Scheele) Gray. Included by Sherman (1979) in S. wrightii, which ranges east to Alabama.

Sedum havardii Rose. Ranges into Coahuila.

Sedum texanum J. G. Smith (Lenophyllum texanum (J. G. Smith) Rose). Ranges into Tamaulipas.

Selinocarpus parvifolius Standl. Ranges into Mexico.

Seymeria havardii (Penn.) Standl. Submerged by Turner (1982) within S. bipinnatisecta Seem.

Seymeria scabra Gray. Wide-ranging in northern Mexico (Turner, 1982).

Solanum davisiense Whalen. Also in the Sierra del Carmen of northern Coahuila (Whalen, 1976).

Solidago mollis Bartl. var. angustata Shinners. Ranges into Oklahoma (Taylor & Taylor, 1984).

Stipa curvifolia Swallen. Ranges into New Mexico and Chihuahua.

Streptanthus carinatus Wright. Ranges into New Mexico and Arizona (Worthington, 1981).

Streptanthus cutleri Cory. Ranges into Coahuila.

Streptanthus sparsiflorus Roll. Ranges into New Mexico.

Styrax youngae Cory. Ranges into Coahuila & Nuevo Leon.

Tetramerium platystegium Torr. (Yeatesia platystegia (Torr.) Hilsenbeck). Ranges into Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas.

Tradescantia gigantea Rose. Occurs in Louisiana (MacRoberts, 1984; MacRoberts, 1989a)

Valeriana texana Steyermark. Also occurs in New Mexico, but endemic to Guadalupe Mountains.

Verbena cloverae Moldenke. Ranges into Nuevo Leon.

Verbena runyonii Moldenke (incl. f. rosiflora L. I. Davis). Ranges into Nuevo Leon.

Vernonia vulturina Shinners. Hybrid between V. marginata (Torr.) Raf and V. baldwinii Torr. (Johnston, 1990).

Viguiera phenax Blake (V. ludens (Shinners) M. C. Johnst.). Ranges into Chihuahua (Hanks & Powell, 1983c).

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