Vascular Plants Endemic to Texas

This prototype informatics system is designed to use dynamic, specimen-based data for mapped visualization of species distributions and geographic centers of diversity for vascular plants endemic to Texas. Maps are generated 'on the fly' via interaction between the system and a dynamic database. Changes in the data, through on-line input from registered users, produce immediate changes in the maps.

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Links listed above all entry the system from different, inter-connected points. The Diversity Map options provides a visual summation for county-level distributions of 326 taxa currently identified as Texas endemics. Selection (mouse - left click) of a county from this map will generate a linked listing of Texas endemics found in that county. The Checklist displays all Texas endemics, listed in alphabetical order by rank, with a suite of mapping/information links. The Browse option leads to a similar listing that includes distribution statements from the base data and linkage to other elements derived from the base data.

Information on this prototype system and its use is available from the links listed below. Base or 'foundation' data for this system are derived from an unpublished working document produced by botanists at the Texas Natural Heritage Program. The Base Data option provides access to this document and information on local processing to produce a 'foundation' or initial data set. Movement beyond the base data to document all county records with herbarium specimen data is mediated by on-line data input from qualified specialists. Select Annotation for an overview of this feature of the system or Registration for information on registration procedures.

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Research required for the develpment of this system by the Texas A&M University Bioinformatics Working Group is supported by grants from the Texas A&M Interdisciplinary Research Initiative Program and the Advanced Research Program (Biological Sciences and Computer Science) of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
System launch: 27 June 1996; last major update: 29 July 1996.