Christal Gail Judd
 Born in Pasadena, Texas Feb. 23,1977
Graduated from Hargrave High School (Huffman, TX) May 1995
Now a junior at Texas A&M College Station.
I am a Botany major and am very interested in plants, in horticulture and science.
In the fall of 1996 I took a class in taxonomy of flowering plants (Botany 201) which was interesting.(Cool field trips)(My picture from class) #9
After graduating from A&M, I plan to apply for a Physician Assistant program in Texas.
I hope to be a pediatric physician assistant.

Interests and Activities:
Music- playing clarinet (Texas A&M Concert Band) and learning acoustic guitar 
Attend A&M Church of Christ

Active in Aggies for Christ

Work Experiences:
Day Care Worker for about 5 years

Student Worker in Texas A&M Medical School Pathology Lab-1yr.

Volunteer- Ben Taub Hospital Nursery and Gift Shop ,
Now in training for Brazos Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center
Random Shots...

Reveille and Friends...

Texas A&M Bonfire (Whoop!)