A repository of over 8,800 plant images developed and maintained by the TAMU-BWG, plus those made available by collaborators, is available for public use through the Vascular Plant Image Gallery.  The system allows access by Family and a 'string query' option that returns image sets that match a specific word input by the user. Other image-based projects include floristic tours of natural areas; Lick Creek Park, the Flynn Bog System, Moore's Hill Outcrop, a Serpentine Outcrop, and Big Bend National Park
Collaboration with the Internet Communications Committee of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists has produced an ASPT Homepage project that deals with development of a 'distributed' organizational information node. Data systems developed for ASPT at Texas A&M include access to membership directory information from a full-text index.
As active members of the Flora of Texas Consortium, elements of the TAMU-BWG collaborate to provide a World Wide Web base for this organization. This has produced an FTC homepage, pages of ancillary information, and work with pilot projects dealing with WWW expression of FTC data. The latter include Texas Sunflower and Texas Grama Grass specimen data mapping, and the Texas Endemics System.

Last update: 27 July 1999