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Standardized nomenclature following © John T. Kartesz. 1996. Revision: A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland. The Biota of North America Program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden . This listing features updates (1996) of BONAP nomenclature, use of common names derived from BONAP data, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service data on endangered/threatened taxa, and information on Texas taxa taken from a database developed from Stephan L. Hatch, Kancheepuram N. Gandhi, and Larry E. Brown. 1990. Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas (now in the process of proofing).

Corchorus Skottsberg - JUTE

    aestuans L. Synonomy: Corchorus acutangulus Lam.

    hirsutus L.

    hirtus L. Present in the Texas flora and known locally as: Orinoco jute, moralia (Texas Distribution by vegetation zone)

      var. glabellus Gray

      var. hirtus

    olitorius L.

    orinocensis Kunth Synonomy: Corchorus hirtus var. orinocensis (Kunth) K. Schum.

    siliquosus L.

    tridens L.

    Grewia L.

      biloba G. Don

      Heliocarpus G. Don - WHITE MOHO

        popayanensis Kunth

        Luehea Kunth

          speciosa Willd.

          Tilia Willd. - BASSWOOD AND LINDEN

            americana L. Present in the Texas flora and known locally as: American basswood, white-wood (Texas Distribution by vegetation zone)

              var. americana Synonomy: Tilia americana var. neglecta (Spach) Fosberg , Tilia glabra Vent. , Tilia neglecta Spach , Tilia palmeri F.C. Gates , Tilia truncata Spach , Tilia venulosa Sarg.

              var. caroliniana (P. Mill.) Castigl. Present in the Texas flora (treated as Tilia caroliniana Mill. by Hatch et al, 1990) and known locally as: Carolina basswood, Florida basswood, Kendall basswood (Texas Distribution by vegetation zone) Synonomy: Tilia australis Small , Tilia caroliniana P. Mill. , Tilia caroliniana var. rhoophila Sarg. , Tilia floridana Small , Tilia floridana var. hypoleuca Sarg. , Tilia floridana var. oblongifolia Sarg. , Tilia georgiana Sarg. , Tilia leptophylla (Vent.) Small , Tilia leucocarpa Ashe , Tilia leucocarpa var. brevipedunculata (Sarg.) Ashe , Tilia littoralis Sarg. , Tilia porracea Ashe , Tilia pubescens Ait.

              var. heterophylla (Vent.) Loud. Synonomy: Tilia eburnea Ashe , Tilia heterophylla Vent. , Tilia heterophylla var. michauxii (Nutt.) Sarg. , Tilia lasioclada Sarg. , Tilia michauxii Nutt. , Tilia monticola Sarg.

            cordata P. Mill.

            petiolaris DC. Synonomy: Tilia tomentosa ssp. petiolaris (DC.) So¢

            platyphyllos Scop.

            X vulgaris Hayne (pro sp.) [cordata X platyphyllos] Synonomy: Tilia europaea L. p.p.

            Triumfetta L. p.p. - BURRBARK

              bogotensis DC.

              lappula L.

              pentandra A. Rich.

              rhomboidea Jacq. Synonomy: Triumfetta bartramia L. , Triumfetta excisa Urban

              semitriloba Jacq.

              velutina Vahl

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