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Program: BONOUT3.IPF

Program description pages are generated by programs that produce experimental WWW pages. These provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, and a tracker of various files involved.
BONOUT3.IPF, written in the KnowledgeMan (KMAN) programming language, produces an HTML page for each vascular plant family treated in A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland by John T. Kartesz and the Biota of North America Program (BONAP) with current (Spring, 1996) updates.

The program acts on a data table carrying data for BONAP taxa - BONAP96A.ITB. Starting with the first record, it proceeds to move through the data table, keying on internal BONAP code fields and name strings to produce appropriate HTML code to allow a rough replication of BONAP listings as they appear in hardcopy (1994 - Volume 1 - Checklist). These listings form the foundation for placement of additional information within a structured context.

This process is demonstrated in this version by 'plucking' BONAP 'common name' data from FULLCOM2.ITB using family and genus name indices [FULLCOMG.IND, FULLCOMF.IND]. Another 'data layer' is produced by programmed reference to a data table (taesall5.ITB) that contains informaton present in the Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas (1990). These data, now being updated and proofed, allow mapped distribution by Texas vegetaton zones, inclusion of local names, and some information on differences among plant names used by national vs. Texas checklists. We are currently working to refine this last item. A final data layer for the current version of BONOUT3.IPF involves the data tables FWSEN1B.ITB and FWS1DATE.ITB and indices. These carry data obtained from a delimited ASCII file available through the U.S. FWS server. These data are 'registered' to the BONAP system and thereby tapped when a matching taxon id code is encountered as the program moves through the primary nomenclatural table, BONAP96A.ITB.

The program, written by Hugh Wilson, is designed to allow access to additional data sources. Information on Texas endemics and U. S. Fish and Wildlife 'candidate' taxa will be available soon. A modification of code developed here will be used to produce a full file index that will allow various queries, as opposed to straight family listings.

Last run of BONOUT3.IPF: 07/31/96
HTML family pages generated: 294
Genera listed: 3207
Species listed: 21946
Intergeneric hybrid Genera listed: 13
Intergeneric hybrid Species listed: 31
Interspecific hybrids listed: 949
Infraspecific taxa listed: 8859
Synonyms listed (all ranks): 33344
Texas taxa listed (species/infra): 5367
Listed taxa from U.S. FWS data: 525
Start run: 07:03:33
End run: 08:07:10
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