Biota of North America Program
Texas A&M University Bioinformatics Working Group
Standardized nomenclature following © John T. Kartesz. 1996. Revision: A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland. The Biota of North America Program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden . This listing features updates (1996) of BONAP nomenclature, use of common names derived from BONAP data, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service data on endangered/threatened taxa, and information on Texas taxa taken from a database developed from Stephan L. Hatch, Kancheepuram N. Gandhi, and Larry E. Brown. 1990. Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas (now in the process of proofing).

Adansonia L.

    digitata L.

    Ceiba P. Mill. - KAPOKTREE

      pentandra (L.) Gaertn.

      Ochroma Sw. - BALSA

        pyramidale (Cav. ex Lam.) Urban Synonymy: Ochroma lagopus Sw.

        Pachira Aubl. - WILD CHESTNUT

          insignis (Sw.) Sw. ex Savigny

          Pseudobombax Dugand - SHAVINGBRUSH-TREE

            ellipticum (Kunth) Dugand Synonymy: Bombax ellipticum Kunth , Pachira fastuosa (Moc. & Sessé ex DC.) Dcne.

            Quararibea Aubl. - SWIZZLESTICK-TREE

              turbinata (Sw.) Poir.

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