Select a Genus name to query the text database, the local name for a Genus-level diversity map, or the Family name (above) for a Family-level diversity map:

Castanea P. Mill. - CHESTNUT

Chrysolepis Hjelmquist - Diversity Map

Fagus L. - BEECH

Lithocarpus Blume - TAN-OAK

Quercus L. - OAK

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This page, machine-generated using the program bonout3b.ipf, is an experimental product of collaborative research involving the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group and the Biota of North America Program.  Comments/corrections can be sent to BONAP for nomenclatural matters or, for web-related items, the TAMU-BWG.  All distribution/diversity mapping used by this system was developed by Erich Schneider of the Texas A&M Center for the Study of Digital Libraries.  Last updated on: 10/16/98  This informatics system is based on a full text index of standardized vascular plant nomenclature following © John T. Kartesz as updated in July of 1998.  Derived from A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland (1994) with the 1998 update restricted to U.S. States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.  Common or local names used here also are derived from BONAP data, as is distribution data used for both distribution and diversity mapping. See program description page (BONOUT5.IPF) for a full listing of data sources and a description of processing.