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TAMU Herbarium data and botanical informatics systems developed and maintained by TAMU activities

Specimen data

Department of Biology Herbarium Specimen Data - a 'browser' for TAMU specimen data by Family

General Floristics
The Vascular Flora of Madison County, Texas - checklist and overview produced by TAMU M.S. student, Amanda Neill (2000)

Flowering Plant Gateway -
Prototype system, under development by TAMU Curator Hugh Wilson for use in Biology 301, that allows reference to different systems of classifications and access, with selection of a given family, to web-based information relating to that family. (sequential update of link database)

Flowering Plant Gateway - Family Finder (a more direct entry to the links index)

Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas presents an aligment derived from a Biota of North America Program listing for the State (1999)

Texas Endemics - a pilot system that allowed development of a web-based diversity mapping system - base data are not reliable

Digital Field Trips:  Lick Creek Park, Flynn Bog System,
Navasota Outcrop Flora, Big Bend National Park, Winston Ranch, Serpentine Outcrop in Central Texas
Plant Images

Vascular Plant Image Library - initially developed to access local teaching slides (Drs. Manhart/Wilson - Biology 301), this system is under development to manage and present a large (global) set of plant images (over 40,000) organized by technical name
Kenneth Kent Mackenzie's North American Cariceae (vers. 1 and vers. 2 - frames) - a prototype system, developed by Dr. Wilson and TAMU undergraduates as a Botany (when TAMU had a Botany program) research enterprise, that explored the dynamics of programmed plant image manipulation and conversion of base botanical information from of hardcopy to digital. (1997)

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