A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands
Full Text Index - July, 1998

Selection options at the base of this page employ alphabetical menus for initial selection and, from these, various selectable listings that send queries to full text indices that carry both mapping data and text. Returns from these queries come to this 'main' frame which can be 'reset' using the selection bar (below) or paged using your browser's 'back' and 'forward' buttons.  The 'Browse Families' option leads to an alphabetical selection menu.    Select the first letter for the vascular plant family of interest, either common or technical name, and this will produce a selectable listing that, when a family is selected and the 'to genera' button pressed, will produce a 'family page' that carries a selectable list of genera for the target family (these pages are also available from the Flowering Plant Gateway system).   Selection of the genus name from this list will query the text checklist index using the genus name as a query string and all species-level 'records' in the index that include this name, either as an accepted name (linked to distribution maps) or a synonym, will be returned as a single page.  A mouse click on the family name at the top of the 'family page' will produce a diversity map for the family and diversity maps for genera will result from selection of the local name for genera, if present, or, if not, the tag 'diversity map'.   Diversity maps are color-coded to reflect relative density of taxa per geographic unit.  A mouse click on a given geographic unit will produce a listing of taxa present.  Listings derived from diversity maps contain links to both diversity (multiple taxa) and distribution (single taxon) maps and indexed text.  Direct queries to the index at the generic level can be accomplished using the technical name with the 'Query - Genera' option and a local or common name using 'Query - Common Name'.   Both lead to an initial alphabetical selection page which, upon selection of a letter, selectable listings of possible query strings.   A query is sent to the index when an item from these lists is selected (mouse - left button) and the 'action' button is pressed.  Again, these are pure 'string match' queries and all taxon records with matching strings (synonyms or Genus names used as local names or species epithets) will be returned.   The 'String query' option allows the user to enter any string of characters and use this as a query to the index.   This can produce large output files if a common string is used ('Texas' will generate a 3,782kb return to your browser).  The 'Gateway Links' option uses an alphabetical sequence of selection menus to query the index of weblinks used by another TAMU-BWG informatics system, the Flowering Plant Gateway.   Selection of a given family will return a listing of web pages that carry information for the family or included elements.   Selection of the 'Home' option will produce the Checklist entry or 'home' frame page.