Program description pages provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, a tracker of various files involved, and general information on systems developed and under development by the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group and collaborators, in this case, the Biota of North America Program.
BONQMAK1.IPF, generates a base HTML file - BONCONXX.HTM - with alphabetical links to a series of 26 'menu' files [bon?com.htm] that allow mouse-based selection for a given Genus-level 'common' name string that is used as a query string on a formatted, indexed ASCII file. All 'records' or 'documents' of the indexed file that include this string are returned to the user as an HTML document.

The program 'walks' through the data table GENCOM1.ITB, which carries 'common' name, Genus name, Family name, and family 'common' name for each Genus listed in the (July, 1998) BONAP nomenclatural database. This table is a reduction of the BONAP data file FULLCOM2.ITB, a full (21,627 records), species-level listing of 'common' names for taxa included in the full BONAP data set. As BONQMAK1.IPF moves through this table (3,284 records) it inserts unique Genus-level 'common' names and associated Family names as 'option' elements in an HTML selection form. With each change in the first letter of the 'common' name field in GENCOM1.ITB the program creates a new page, with a new form element, and proceeds to add Genus name/Family selection options.

BONQMAK1.IPF is a revision of program code originally created to access distribution mapping data for the Arkansas Biodiversity system. Its final product is a URL that submits a query string to an indexed, formatted ASCII file that is produced by the program BONOUT5.IPF, which acts on the full BONAP data table (BONAP98A.ITB) that carries records in BONAP order. BONOUT5.IPF moves through this table (71,957 records) producing an HTML-formatted ASCII file (BONOUT5.OUT - over 5 mb) that is essentially output produced by the program BONOUT5.IPF taken to a a single file. BONOUT5.OUT is processed for indexed searching by Erich Schneider at the Texas A&M Center for the Study of Digital Libraries. This involves the use of 'Managing Gigabytes', a domain indexing/retrieval program that creates index files, as well as 'cgi' programming to manage both query and output.

BONQMAK1.IPF program code is written in the Knowledgeman (PC-database) language by Dr. Hugh D. Wilson.

Last run of BONQMAK1.IPF: 07/21/98

    Generic 'common' names placed in menus: 3242
    HTML pages produced: 27
Start run: 07:56:21
End run: 07:57:22

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