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Program description pages are generated by programs that produce WWW pages for the Texas A&M Department of Biology Herbarium (TAMU) system. These provide an archival reference, a reminder of how things were done, a tracker of various files involved, and information for those with an interest in this type of thing.
ARKQMAKE.IPF, generates a base HTML file - ARKFAMXX.HTM - with alphabetical links to a series of 'menu' files [ARK?FAM.HTM] that allow mouse-based selection for family-level entry to the Arkansas flora distribution/diversity mapping system. The program 'walks' through the data table ARKFULL.ITB, which carries all family names listed in the Arkansas flora which match names used by the Biota of North America Program (BONAP) system, some BONAP family names (those that can be directly linked to the Arkansas family names, and local family names. ARKFULL.ITB is created by the program ARKFAMCR.IPF. This uses ARKFAMS.ITB, a data table that carries all family names used in the published Arkansas Atlas (An Atlas and Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Arkansas (1988), by Dr. Edwin B. Smith and links to related BONAP names. ARKFAMCR.IPF transfers names from ARKFAMS.ITB to ARKFULL.ITB and also enters new records based on some relationships between Arkansas and BONAP names. Once formal name processing is completed, ARKFAMCR.IPF takes data from FAMLOCAL.ITB, a database that carries common local names for vascular plant families (initially based on those used in the Flora of of the Great Plains with local modifications/additions. ARKFAMCR.IPF is used to make an updated version of ARKFULL.ITB as base data tables are edited/expanded. ARKQMAKE.IPF uses both formal and local names for menu construction and Arkansas family names to create URLs from form 'select' commands to the family-level diversity maps which are generated 'on the fly' by a system developed by Erich Schneider of the Texas A&M Center for the Study of Digital Libraries and the Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group. Program code is written in the Knowledgeman (PC-database) language by Dr. Hugh D. Wilson.
Last run of ARKQMAKE.IPF: 03/02/96

    Names placed in menus: 311
    HTML pages produced: 26
Start run: 10:25:40
End run: 10:25:47

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