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Arkansas Biodiversity - Vascular Plants
from the Atlas and Annotated List of the Vascular Plants of Arkansas (1988):


I would like to thank the University of Arkansas for allowing me the time during my spring, 1977 leave of absence to visit regional herbaria and do much of the preliminary work on this study. My travel to the herbaria was supported in part by a grant from the University of Arkansas Foundation which was very helpful. My thanks to the Curators of the herbaria that I visited for their kind hospitality and encouragement; especially to Dr. William F. Mahler and Barney L. Lipscomb of SMU who were very helpful and even provided me with a cot in their herbarium for several nights; and also especially to Dr. Eric Sundell at UAM for his cordial assistance and "bed and breakfast" during my visit there in 1987. Thanks to R. Dale Thomas for providing copies of his students' theses on floristic studies of Bradley County (Sherri A. Leslie) and Ashley County (Susan L. Hooks), which contained hundreds of reported county records and several state records; thanks also to Dr. Thomas for loans of material and substantial donations of specimens to UARK. Thanks to Drs. Jim Peck and Eric Sundell for their support and encouragement to revise the Atlas. Thanks to Dr. R. L. McGregor (University of Kansas) for his kind help on several nomenclatural problems.

My biggest thanks should no doubt go to Marie P. Locke of Pine Bluff who has literally collected thousands of plant specimens from Jefferson County and several nearby counties, to send to UARK to help us learn more about the flora of that part of the state. She has persisted in her collecting through serious illness and the loss of her husband, and has provided an example of pluck and spirit that is a pleasure to behold. She sent many thousands of specimens to me, mostly unidentified, and I sent her many lists of their identifications. Some days, I almost hated to see another stack of 200 specimens or so come in from her. But not only did her work contribute greatly to our floristic knowledge of Jefferson county and vicinity - it also taught me a lot, since I as the "expert" had to identify almost all of her material. My thanks to her for what I learned.

Quite a number of people contributed several to quite a few specimens to UARK, and I would like to thank them for their contributions. I hope that this list is complete, but apologize to any individuals I may have accidentally left out. Thanks to Gwen Barber, Gary Tucker, Jerry Roberts, Ford Baldwin, Veryl Board, Ellen Neaville, JoLyne Hodges; Carl Hunter, W. Carl Taylor, Neal Killion, S. Lee Timme, E. L. Richards, W. M. Shepherd, Philip Thompson, Burnetta Hinterthuer, David Flugrad, Clell Ford, Sherri Leslie, Susan Hooks, Donna Ware, Nancy Eyster-Smith, Edith Huey Bartholomew, George Templeton, David M. Johnson, Stephen F. Smith, Richard Davis, G. Tom Clark, Paul L. Redfearn, Jr., Dan Marsh, Louise Miller, Sookie McCoy, Jane Stern, Mac Stewart, and Philip Hyatt.

Thanks to my wife, Ellen, for patiently putting up with months of evening silence on my part while I slowly dotted maps.

A special thanks to Clemy Moore who has contributed financially in memory of Dwight Moore, for support of the UARK Herbarium.

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