The Zingiberales

Diversity:  a well defined group of 8 families and about 1,800 species that, for the most part, is centered in the world's tropical forests.  Cronquist indicates that the "broad but fragile leaf-blade of the group may reflect adaptation to a forest habitat, with low light-intensity and little wind".

Musaceae - the banana family (Musa) - 2 genera, 42 species


Strelitziaceae - the Bird-of-Paradise Flower family - 3 genera, 7 species

Ravenala madagascariensis
Strelitzia reginae - flower
Strelitzia reginae - plant/florescence

Cannaceae (Canna) - monotypic, ca. 50 species with 4 in Texas

canna in flower
cana flower
plant in flower
epigynous flower

More information on the Musaceae , Strelitziaceae, and Cannaceae

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