Botany 301 - Field Trip - Lick Creek Park
25-27 October, 1999

Key Quiz - Monday afternoon

See the Plants of Lick Creek Park for a general overview.  Our path this Fall included:

1.  Old field areas with combination of early-sage annual colonizers with expanding populations of native perennials, especially grasses.

2.  Forested uplands with typical dominant species

3.  A transition from upland to alluvial (floodplain) forest

4.  The Utility Line opening, the Sedge Meadow, and Lick Creek

Plants of Interest: (click image for larger version)

PoaceaeChasmanthium, Bluestem, and - with a scent:

Greasegrass (purpletop) = Tridens flavus

Campanulaceae (Asteridae): Cardinal Flower

Verbenaceae - what eats beauty berries?  Don't know, but take a close look - some are gone:

Orchidaceae: - Spiranthes parksii