The Hamamelidae
Family Overview - The Urticales

Cannabaceae - the Hemp Family

Diversity:  A family of 2 genera and 3 species of erect (Cannabis) or scandant (Humulus) herbs, both annual and perennial (Humulus).

Distribution:  North temperate with Cannabis and one species of Humulus native to the Old World and another species of Humulus a native North American; the Texas Flora has both genera, each with a species.

Floral structure:

Significant features:  Highly reduced, pentamerous (5-parted), unisexual flowers; species dioecious.  Leaves with a palmate pattern of organization.  A family of minimal floristic significance, but representative of the Order (herbaceous).  However, due to the presence of complex, resin producing glandular trichomes, the Cannabaceae is of ethnobotanical interest in that both genera are associated with human intoxicants; hops and marijuana and other applications (fiber, oil - Cannabis).  Sometimes included within the Moraceae.

Kohler pic small Kohler pic small
Cannabis - overview from Flora von Deutschland Österreich und der Schweiz (1885) Cannabis sativa - staminate inflorescence and flower at anthesis Cannabis sativa - pistillate inflorescence and flower at anthesis Humulus - overview from Carl Lindman's Bilder ur Nordens Flor

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