The Commelinidae
Family Overview - Juncales

Juncaceae  - the Rush Family

Diversity:  grass-like, tufted (caespitose) herbs - ca. 8 genera and 400 species.

Distribution:  Worldwide, but mostly in moist, cool places in the north temperate zone with extensions into the tropical highlands.  The Texas flora includes 2 genera (Juncus, Luzula) and 34 species in Texas (see North American taxa).

Floral structure:

Significant features:  Small, reduced flowers on grass-like (tufted or caespitose) plants but differing from taxa the Cyperales in that a perianth, while reduced and usually scarious (6 tepals) is present and the fruit is capsular.

Juncus (rush):
developing ovaries and perianth
infructescence with dehisced capsules and perianth
typical plant and habitat (wetland)

Luzula (woodrush):

plant in flower
flower (close)

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