The Asteridae
Family Overview - Solanales

Polemoniaceae - the Phlox Family

Diversity:  A small family of 19 genera and over 320 species.  Mostly herbs, but some shrubs.

Distribution:  North temperate with maximum diversity in western North American (see California taxa) and Andean South America - only a few taxa from norhern Eurasia.  The Texas flora includes 9 genera and 36 species. Annual garden Phlox (Texas endemic P. drummondii), populating gardens throughout the world, is derived from our Spring flora.

Floral structure:

 'standard' Solanales BUT tricarpellate
Significant features:  Within the context of the Solanales, elements of this family are marked by an 'extra' carpel which is usually indicated by the stigma lobes.  Stamens of these plants also tend to attach to the corolla at different points along its axis.

Local Phlox:
P. cuspidata
P. drummondii 

Ipomopsis rubra:  


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