The Alismatidae
Family Overview - Alismatales

Alismataceae - the Water Plantain Family

Diversity:  Aquatic or wetland herbs, usually perennial from thick, edible rhizomes and often with broad, dicot-like leaves.  About 11 genera and ca. 90 species.

Distribution:  Worldwide and centered in aquatic situations, i.e., not common elements of any flora BUT usually present and conspicuous in wetlands. We have 3 genera (Sagittaria, Alisma, and Echinodorus) and 13 species in the Texas flora.

Floral structure:

Significant features:  An monocot analog to the Ranunculaceae in that these are apocarpus herbs.  While the flowers can be perfect, they are often unisexual and the speces are monoecious.

Floral Structure 

Alisma (perfect)
Sagittaria saggittifolia (monoecious)

Local Sagittaria:

pistillate flowers
staminate flower

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