Botanical Items and Issues in the News - Spring, 2011

03 May 2011:  Botanists Spot A New Herb In Western Ghats 
03 May 2011:  Fossils pinpoint rise of the rainforest 
02 May 2011:  Ancestors of Land Plants Revealed 
02 May 2011:  Experts Say DNA Match Is Likely a Parent or Child 
02 May 2011:  No nuts for you, Nutcracker Man  (Huge-jawed human relative possessed 'graze' anatomy) 


29 Apr 2011:  Blueberry Smackdown: Latin American Super Fruit Healthier Than U.S. Ones, Study Says 
28 Apr 2011:  New U.K. Plant Science Lab Receives the Royal Treatment 
28 Apr 2011:  Planting Paradise 
27 Apr 2011:  Plant Extract May Be New Therapy for Hay Fever, Study Suggests 
26 Apr 2011:  Lollipops With Side Effects: A Plant's Sugary Offering Betrays Caterpillars to Predatory Ants  (Nicotiana attenuata)
26 Apr 2011:  Watching Climate Change Through a Farmer's Eyes 
26 Apr 2011:  Australia Pistachio Disaster Hints at Agricultural Breakdown  (Pistacia)
23 Apr 2011:  Fern expert aided advance of botany  
21 Apr 2011:  Genes Causing Antimalarial Drug Resistance Identified 
21 Apr 2011:  Can Tech Make the Desert Bloom Again? 
21 Apr 2011:  In the footsteps of André Michaux 
21 Apr 2011:  Evolution Can Cause a Rapid Reduction in Genome Size  (Arabidopsis)
20 Apr 2011:  Antimalarial Trees in East Africa Threatened With Extinction 
20 Apr 2011:  A restaurant where plants are patrons 
18 Apr 2011:  Vanilla: Preserving a World Favorite Flavor  (Vanilla)
18 Apr 2011:  Sugarcane Cools Climate, Study Finds  (Saccharum)
18 Apr 2011:  Worlds With Two Suns May Sport Black Plants 
14 Apr 2011:  Marijuana Carbon Footprint: Indoor Pot Production Uses 1 Percent Of U.S. Electricity, Study Says  
14 Apr 2011:  Stink bug invasion threat to fruit crops 
14 Apr 2011:  Is algae biofuel too thirsty? 
14 Apr 2011:  Tansy May Be Used to Treat Herpes, Study Suggests  (Tanacetum vulgare)

14 Apr 2011:  Prof. Tod Stuessy '65 Inducted Into HS Wall of Fame 
13 Apr 2011:  Bioengineering Uses Vetiver Grass to Save Coral Reefs Near Guam  (Chrysopogon zizanioides)
12 Apr 2011:  New chili pepper crowned world’s hottest  (Capsicum)
12 Apr 2011:  Looking Down on Deforestation: Brazil Sharpens Its Eyes in the Sky to Snag Illegal Rainforest Loggers 
12 Apr 2011:  Dr. Richard Mack, Washington State University:  INVASION! Immigration and spread of Bromus tectorum genotypes across North America
(4:00 p.m. - 208 Scoates Hall)
11 Apr 2011:  Botany: Shootingstars Provide Clues to Likely Response of Plants to Global Warming  (Dodecatheon)
11 Apr 2011:  New Citrus Variety Is Very Sweet, Juicy and Low-Seeded  (Citrus)
11 Apr 2011:  Monsanto modifies soy beans to grow ‘fish oil’  (Glycine max)
11 Apr 2011:  Aloe vera extract gave rats tumours   (Aloe barbadensis)
11 Apr 2011:  Dr. Richard Mack, WSU:  Naturalization/invasion of ornamental bamboos in coniferous forests in the West: the potential for multiple environmental hazards (O&M 110 from 12:40-1:30pm)
10 Apr 2011:  Botanist predicts late wildflower blooms this year 
10 Apr 2011:  Double the Genes, Double the Flora  (Amborella)
09 Apr 2011:  Fighting Malaria With African Plant Extracts 
09 Apr 2011:  From Ancient Giants, Finding New Life to Help the Planet  (Sequoiadendron)
08 Apr 2011:  Last botany-specific degree course closes 
07 Apr 2011:  Starch-Controlling Gene Fuels More Protein in Soybean Plants 
07 Apr 2011:  If Plants Generate Magnetic Fields, They're Not Saying 
06 Apr 2011:  Algae biodiversity cleans stream
06 Apr 2011:  Rush to Use Crops as Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears  (Cassava)
06 Apr 2011:  Flowers and North Korea  (Kimilsungia)
06 Apr 2011:  Amy Stewart's 'Wicked Plants' at S.F. Conservatory 
06 Apr 2011:  Ecologists find genomic clues to invasive and endangered plants  (....invasive plants are 20% more likely to be polyploids than diploids)

05 Apr 2011:  Botanist explores Columbia Basin 
05 Apr 2011:  The invasion of the body-snatching algae (Plants live inside spotted salamanders, and both stand to benefit from it ) 
05 Apr 2011:  Monsanto Sued Again - Farmers Seek "Proactive Defense" Against Intimidation  
04 Apr 2011:  Plants get revenge on bugs that feed on them  
04 Apr 2011:  Simpler Woodland Strawberry Genome Aids Research on More Complex Fruits  (Fragaria vesca)
04 Apr 2011:  Botanist a floral forefather  (André Michaux)
04 Apr 2011:  Mangroves excel at storing carbon  (Mangrove)
02 Apr 2011:  Botanist finds mysterious plant in NM 
03 Apr 2011:  Cannabis-like drugs could kill pain without the high  
03 Apr 2011:  Carbon-rich mangroves ripe for conservation  (Rhizophora)
01 Apr 2011:  The flower that paints Himachal red and pink  (Rhododendron)
01 Apr 2011:  Milwaukee County botanist commandeers Mitchell Park dome 

01 Apr 2011:  Monsanto introduces a genetically modified Cannabis that looks like a Petunia   

01 Apr 2011:
  Could maple syrup from Canada be the next champion food?  (Acer saccharum)


31 Mar 2011:  Fossil Is Best Look Yet at an Ancestor of Buttercups 
31 Mar 2011:  Lawsuit challenges Monsanto patents on seed traits 
31 Mar 2011:  A eudicot from the Early Cretaceous of China 
30 Mar 2011:  Mediocre wildflower season ahead for Dallas-Fort Worth 
30 Mar 2011:  Hidden Elm Population May Hold Genes to Combat Dutch Elm Disease  (Ulmus americana)
30 Mar 2011:  Rare Discovery of Plant Genus 
30 Mar 2011:  Fruit fibers used to create 'green' plastic for cars 
30 Mar 2011:  Kiwi pigeon key to tree survival  (Beilschmiedia tarairi and Corynocarpus laevigatus)
29 Mar 2011:  Like Products, Plants Wait for Optimal Configuration Before Market Success 
29 Mar 2011:  Climate meddling dates back 8,000 years (Cutting down trees put carbon in the atmosphere long before the industrial revolution)
29 Mar 2011:  Auto Parts From Fruit? 
29 Mar 2011:  Key Plant Traits Yield More Sugar for Biofuels 
28 Mar 2011:  An Herbal Alternative to Creams for Pale Skin  (Cinnamomum subavenium)
28 Mar 2011:  Historic re-enactor will portray John Bartram, ‘father of American botany' 
28 Mar 2011:  Natural Aphrodisiacs: 'Spicing' Up Your Love Life Possible, Finds Study of Ginseng and Saffron  (Panax and Crocus)
28 Mar 2011:  Debut of the First Practical 'Artificial Leaf' 
27 Mar 2011:  New Lignin 'Lite' Switchgrass Boosts Biofuel Yield by More Than One-Third  (Panicum virgatum)
25 Mar 2011:  Kudzu Vines Spreading North from US Southeast With Warming Climate  (Pueraria lobata)
25 Mar 2011:  The largest continuous expanse of forest in the world is undergoing an accelerating large-scale shift 
24 Mar 2011:  Uncertain Future for Joshua Trees in US Southwest Projected With Climate Change  (Yucca brevifolia)
24 Mar 2011:  Duchess visits Covent Garden Academy of Flowers 
24 Mar 2011:  Banana peels help detect toxins in water 
24 Mar 2011:  Botany website wins prestigious prize from journal Science 
23 Mar 2011:  Is Europe’s ban on Monsanto’s GMO crops illegal? 
23 Mar 2011:  There's putrid, and then there's the voodoo lily (At best, flower smells like 'Hannibal Lechter's compost pile on a hot day')
23 Mar 2011:  Plant Oil May Hold Key to Reducing Obesity-Related Medical Issues
23 Mar 2011:  Fruit-eating fish does far-flung forestry (Species’ seed-dispersal skills go the distance) 
22 Mar 2011:  Tree Resin Captures Key Evidence of Current and Ancient Insect Invasions 
22 Mar 2011:  How the Lily Blooms: Ruffling at the Edge of Each Petal Drives the Delicate Flower to Open 
22 Mar 2011:  How Carrots Became the New Junk Food  
(Daucus carota)
22 Mar 2011:  After 70 years of urban expansion, the native plants of Indianapolis have lost out to invasive species 
22 Mar 2011:  Coffee market fires up as brew becomes liquid gold  (Coffea arabica)
21 Mar 2011:  Compound from Chinese Medicine Blocks Biofilm Formation on Medical Implant Materials 
21 Mar 2011:  From a mismatch in growth, a flower blooms
21 Mar 2011:  A dose of safflower oil each day might help keep heart disease at bay  (Carthamus tinctorius)
19 Mar 2011:  Allergies? Pollen Also Appears Outside Flowering Season 
18 Mar 2011:  Ecologists Use 70-Year-Old Pressed Plants to Chart City's Vanishing Native Flora  
18 Mar 2011:  Flowering Plant Study 'Catches Evolution in the Act'  (Tragopogon miscellus)
17 Mar 2011:  A bit of fiber makes for sudsier beer  
17 Mar 2011:  Bluebonnet forecast: Not as impressive as last year  
17 Mar 2011:  Pueblo traded for chocolate big-time  - Far-flung exchanges may have involved turquoise for cacao 
(Theobroma cacao)
11 Mar 2011:  American Botanical Council Announces Recipients of Botanical Excellence Awards 
11 Mar 2011:  Seed banks susceptible to sham samples 
10 Mar 2011:  Southern California wildflowers: What will flower season bring? Here's what's blooming in Anza Borrego, Antelope Valley 
10 Mar 2011:  Bee deaths may signal wider food threat, U.N. says 
10 Mar 2011:  How Plants Sort and Eliminate Genes Over Millennia 
08 Mar 2011:  Mexico oks pilot field of genetically modified corn  
(Zea mays)
08 Mar 2011:  Plants hoarding water as CO2 rises, study finds 
08 Mar 2011:  Wikileaks reveals endangered hardwood on sale in US
07 Mar 2011:  Odd Corn Plant Provides Insight Into How Corn Makes Hormones 
(Zea mays)
07 Mar 2011:  Flower Show Porn 
07 Mar 2011:  Faster Method to Study Plant Ecology 
06 Mar 2011:  Monsanto rises to China challenge 
03 Mar 2011:  Scientists Trumpeting Possible New Adaptation of Tropical Flower  (Brugmansia)
03 Mar 2011:  Rising CO2 Is Causing Plants to Release Less Water to the Atmosphere 
03 Mar 2011:  Monsanto:  Gene flow and liability 
02 Mar 2011:  Scientists Study Control of Invasive Tree in Western US  (Tamarix)
02 Mar 2011:  Good Fungi Might Prove Even Better for Plant, Human Health 
02 Mar 2011:  Climate-smart agriculture is needed 
02 Mar 2011:  Algae Converted to Butanol; Fuel Can Be Used in Automobiles 
02 Mar 2011:  Can the Miracle Berry Prevent World Hunger?  (Synsepalum dulcificum)
01 Mar 2011:  Cannabis Use Precedes the Onset of Psychotic Symptoms in Young People, Study Finds 
01 Mar 2011:  Dow Chemical moves toward engineered corn patent  (Zea mays)
01 Mar 2011:  Florida Citrus Industry: Mechanical Harvesting Creates Up to 250 Percent More Debris Than Hand Harvesting, Study Finds  (Citrus)
01 Mar 2011:  Food for Thought: Our furry friend, the kiwi  (Actinidia deliciosa)
01 Mar 2011:  Eucalypt-harming fungus here to stay  (Eucalyptus)
01 Mar 2011:  Mating Mites Trapped in Amber Reveal Sex Role Reversal  (
Sciadopitys verticillata)


28 Feb 2011:  Prehistoric dog lived, died among humans 
28 Feb 2011:  Climate Change Causing Demise of Lodgepole Pine in Western North America  (Pinus controta)
28 Feb 2011:  Illinois expert on orchids to bring rarity to islands  (Platanthera holochila)

28 Feb 2011:  The Education of Jennifer Miller: An Update from the Frontline in the Fight against the Anti-Evolution Agenda 
25 Feb 2011:  Monsanto wins in latest US sugar beet ruling 
(Beta vulgaris)
25 Feb 2011:  Chemical Compounds in Trees Can Fight Deadly Staph Infections in Humans  (Juniperus virginiana)
24 Feb 2011:  Examining Climate Change Effects on Wheat  (Triticum)
24 Feb 2011:  Scientist warns on safety of Monsanto's Roundup 
23 Feb 2011:  Old Folk Remedy Revived: How Tansy May Be a Treatment for Herpes  (Tanacetum vulgare)
23 Feb 2011:  Tobacco tricks caterpillars with treats   (Nicotiana)
22 Feb 2011:  Next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet.  (Camellia sinensis)
22 Feb 2011:  Future of genetically modified crop uncertain despite court victory  
(Medicago sativa)
22 Feb 2011:  Gac: Strange Name, Powerful Fruit  (Momordica cochinchinensis)
21 Feb 2011:  Gesundheit! Climate change creates longer ragweed season  (Ambrosia)
21 Feb 2011:  Seaweed a Source of Potential Antimalarial Drug  (overview)
21 Feb 2011:  Plants Cloned as Seeds: Hybrids That Breed True Would Be Major Advance for Crop Plants  (agamospermy)
21 Feb 2011:  Colorado debates DUI standards for marijuana 
19 Feb 2011:  Plants That Can Move Inspire New Adaptive Structures  (Mimosa)
19 Feb 2011:  Farm boy' never lost his love of nature 
18 Feb 2010:  Food politics 
18 Feb 2011:  The Mystery of the Missing Moon Trees  (record)
17 Feb 2011:  Global Warming May Reroute Evolution, Milkweed Research Finds  (Asclepias)
17 Feb 2011:  Genetic engineering brings cloned crops closer  (see also)
17 Feb 2011:  Genetically engineered alfalfa isn't necessary 
(Medicago sativa)
17 Feb 2011:  The Dekopon arrives in California  (Citrus hybrid)
16 Feb 2011:  Plant or animal? Odd fossils defy classification   
16 Feb 2011:  Before Lagenaria (Ice Age cups crafted from crania)
16 Feb 2011:  Best of the botanical breaks
16 Feb 2011:  Carnivorous bladderworts suck up prey   (Utricularia) (see also)
15 Feb 2011:  Botany for botanical artists 
15 Feb 2011:  Opponents to sue over Monsanto alfalfa crop 
(Medicago sativa)
15 Feb 2011:  2 new plants discovered in Spain  (Taraxacum)
15 Feb 2011:  Exploring Nature's Medicine in the Amazon 
15 Feb 2011:  Castle Hedingham boasts one of the oldest tulip trees  (Liriodendron)
15 Feb 2011:  New Research Changes Understanding of C4 Plant Evolution  (Poaceae)
15 Feb 2011:  How Plants Near Chernobyl Shrug Off Radiation 
14 Feb 2011:  Lavender Oil Has Potent Antifungal Effect  (Lavandula)
14 Feb 2011:  World Phosphorous Use Crosses Critical Threshold 
14 Feb 2011:  Dark chocolate better than fruit juice? 
(Theobroma cacao)
11 Feb 2011:  New tropical fruit stands up to cyclone  (Garcinia humilis)
11 Feb 2011:  New Hybrid Drug, Derived from Common Spice, May Protect, Rebuild Brain Cells After Stroke  (Curcuma longa)
11 Feb 2011:  A glacial infestation of bryophytes
10 Feb 2011:  Roses Get Celery Gene to Help Fight Disease  (Rosa, Apium)
10 Feb 2011:  Extreme weather pushes food prices higher; Crops lost to flooding, drought crimp already-tight grain stocks
10 Feb 2011:  Get ready for higher food prices  
10 Feb 2011:  Earth economist: The food bubble is about to burst  
10 Feb 2011:  New Solar Cell Self-Repairs Like Natural Plant Systems 
09 Feb 2011:  Race Against Time to Find Apollo 14's Lost Voyagers: 'Moon Trees' 
09 Feb 2011:  Honey Made Near Monsanto GM Maize May Face EU Limits
08 Feb 2011:  Cannabis hastens onset of psychosis  (Cannabis)
08 Feb 2011:  Jatropha: Green Biodiesel from African Tree  (
08 Feb 2011:  Another Win for Monsanto...
08 Feb 2011:  Trade group disapproves of alfalfa ruling 
07 Feb 2011:  Western Australia's Incredible Underground Orchid  (Rhizanthella gardneri)
07 Feb 2011:  USDA issues partial deregulation for GM-sugar beets  (Beta vulgaris)
07 Feb 2011:  ‘Super food’ dark chocolates are healthier than fruits: study  (Theobroma cacao)
07 Feb 2011:  Polluted perfume could put pollinators off the scent   (Datura wrightii)
04 Feb 2011:  For Want of a Pollinator, a Flower May Be Lost--or a Forest 
(Rhabdothamnus solandri)
03 Feb 2011:  Crops Wither and Prices Rise in Chinese Drought 
03 Feb 2011:  Monsanto Vs Australian Organic Farmer Steve Marsh 
03 Feb 2011:  GU botanists on mission to save endangered plant  (Phyllanthus)

03 Feb 2011:  Cassava packs a protein punch with bean genes  (Manihot esculenta)
02 Feb 2011:  To Defend Against Disease, a Plant Checks the Clock 
(Arabidopsis thaliana)
02 Feb 2011:  Seminar and sale to feature variety of fruit trees  (Ziziphus zizyphus)
01 Feb 2011:  Biologists Discover 'Control Center' for Sperm Production; Study Uncovers Genetic Hierarchy in Plant Sperm Formation 
01 Feb 2011:  Secret Life of Bees Now a Little Less Secret 
01 Feb 2011:  Leaves leave a trail in Davie murder case: Botanical evidence increasingly used to help solve crimes 
(overview from the BSA)
01 Feb 2011:  Tomatoes pip potatoes as New Zealand's favourite vegetable  (both = Solanum)


31 Jan 2011:  CSI with a botany degree: Plants can help solve crimes  (Schefflera actinophylla, Ligustrum sinese)
31 Jan 2011:  Plants Can Adapt Genetically to Survive Harsh Environments 
(Arabidopsis thaliana)
31 Jan 2011:  Oserian introduces geothermal flower farming   (Rosa)
31 Jan 2011:  Chronicler of the majesty of East Africa’s trees  (

30 Jan 2011:  Monsanto Executive Appointed to High Level Position in the FDA 
29 Jan 2011:  Draft 'Genetic Road Map' of Biofuels Crop  (Spartina pectinata)
28 Jan 2011:  Franciscan manzanita, once thought extinct, now revived 
(Arctostaphylos franciscana)
28 Jan 2011:  Malaysia leads way in study of deforestation  (Elaeis guineensis)
28 Jan 2011:  Mexico Denies Monsanto Seed Project 
(Zea mays)
28 Jan 2011:  Spinning seeds inspire single-bladed helicopters  (as you know, a samara is NOT a seed)
27 Jan 2011:  USDA drops planting curbs on biotech alfalfa  (Medicago sativa) (another view)
27 Jan 2011:  Mechanism of Spring-Loaded Seed Launch Discovered  (Erodium cicutarium) (youtube clip - Erodium 'drilling') (another)
27 Jan 2011:  Biologists Call for Regulation of Rare Plant Sales 
27 Jan 2011: 
Broccoli, prepared correctly, is an extremely potent cancer-fighting agent  (Brassica oleracea)

26 Jan 2011:  Investigation Finds Many Fruity Foods Don't Contain Real Fruit  (Vaccinium)
26 Jan 2011:  Mexico denies request for pilot GM corn plots  (Zea mays)
26 Jan 2011:  Spruce Up: Researchers Pinpoint Genes That Give Pine-Killing Fungus Immunity to Host Tree Defenses  (Pinus contorta)
26 Jan 2011:  Agave Fuels Excitement as a Bioenergy Crop  (Agave)
26 Jan 2011:  Production of Plant Pollen Is Regulated by Several Signalling Pathways (Arabidopsis thaliana)
26 Jan 2011:  Regulate trade in rare plants  (Brighamia insignis)
25 Jan 2011:  Carnivorous Plant Feasts on Bat Dung 
(Nepenthes) (another story)

24 Jan 2011:  Lack of Sex Among Grapes Tangles a Family Vine  (Vitis vinifera)
24 Jan 2011:  UK Landscapes Could Be at Risk of Another Major Tree Epidemic, Say Researchers 
24 Jan 2011:  When Trees Attack, Fungus Can Parry 
24 Jan 2011:  Can too much caffeine kill you? 
23 Jan 2011:  Discovery in Steele Creek Park spawns botany club  (
Metasequoia glyptostroboideses
and Gymnosperm Database)
23 Jan 2011:  Wine family tree revealed   (Vitis vinifera)
23 Jan 2011:  Many tree species might become extinct due to climate change 
22 Jan 2011:  Islands in the Sky: How Isolated Are Mountain Top Plant Populations?  (

21 Jan 2011:  A New Way to Control 'Superweeds': Two Bacterial Enzymes Confer Resistance to Common Herbicide 
21 Jan 2011:  Plants Moved Downhill, Not Up, in Warming World  
20 Jan 2011:  Vaccine against cocaine makes headway 
20 Jan 2011:  Fruit and "Maple"  Oatmeal  (Acer saccharum)
20 Jan 2011:  Newly discovered group of algae live in both fresh water and ocean  (paper)
19 Jan 2011: 
Latest member in a small club of species known to practice agriculture
  (Dictyostelium discoideum)
19 Jan 2011:  Flower firms radiant despite earnings drop 
19 Jan 2011:  15 Months Later, Rediscovered San Francisco Plant Thrives  (Arctostaphylos franciscana)
19 Jan 2011:  Gardening in Space With HydroTropi  (Cucumis sativus)
19 Jan 2011:  The Mass Extinction of Scientists Who Study Species 
18 Jan 2011:  Why olive oil's quality is in the cough  (Olea europaea)
18 Jan 2011:  Up the garden path  (Kew gardens and, again, Joseph Banks)
17 Jan 2011:  Chillicothe artist discovers botany's inner beauty 
17 Jan 2011:  Thoreau plant specimens found in UConn’s holdings  (specimen data, and H.D. Thoreau)
17 Jan 2011:  2,550-Year-Old Celtic Beer Recipe Resurrected  (Hordeum vulgare)
16 Jan 2011:  New Research Expands Genetic Base of Cultivated Strawberry  (Fragaria × ananassa)
15 Jan 2011:  Botany Bay: The Real Story (featuring Joseph Banks)
14 Jan 2011:  Global food chain stretched to the limit; Soaring prices spark fears of social unrest in developing world 
14 Jan 2011:  Chernobyl: Environmental dead zone or eco-haven? 
14 Jan 2011:  Spain seizes cocaine hidden in plastic bananas  (Musa vs. Erythroxylum)
13 Jan 2011:  Natural selection:  Fruit-grabbing baboons discover new tangerine  (Citrus × tangerina)
13 Jan 2011:  Old-Growth Forests Are What Giant Pandas Need 
13 Jan 2011:  Fall of Rome Recorded in Trees  (

13 Jan 2011:  Spread of Deadly Virus Tied to Forest Decline  (Populus tremuloides)
12 Jan 2011:  Future of food could be bright 
12 Jan 2011:  Woman relieved 'eyeball' in fruit was actually a berry  (
"They didn't do any tests ... they just eyeballed it.") - (Vaccinium)
12 Jan 2011:  Global Fruit and Vegetable Juices Market to Reach 64.46 Billion Liters by 2015 
12 Jan 2011:  Songbird’s Sex Horomone Surges at Sight of Flowers  (Cirsium)
12 Jan 2011:  I’m Dangerous With Love Hearts Hallucinogenic Ibogaine (Tabernanthe iboga)
11 Jan 2011: 
Coming to Your Fruit Bowl, A Tastier, Less Thirsty Pitaya   (Hylocereus - Cactaceae)

11 Jan 2011:  Online access to the plants of the world is available 
11 Jan 2011:  Drought-tolerant maize gets US debut  (Zea mays)
11 Jan 2011:  At 6,000 years old, wine press is oldest yet found (Vitis vinifera)
10 Jan 2011:  Mandarin variety developed by UCR premiers this month (
Citrus reticulata)
- as compared to Citrus × ​sinensis 
10 Jan 2011:  Potential Bioenergy Feedstock Miscanthus Has a Fighting Chance Against Weeds  (Miscanthus x giganteus)
10 Jan 2011:  Eat carrots to be more attractive  (Daucus carota)
10 Jan 2011:  New photo exhibit restores John Muir's plant images and his botanical legacy 
09 Jan 2011:  Wildflower Colors Tell Butterflies How to Do Their Jobs  (
Phlox drummondii)
07 Jan 2011:  Ancient farmers swiftly spread westward (Agricultural villages appeared in Croatia nearly 8,000 years ago)
07 Jan 2011:  California reopens to Texas citrus, despite scab scare 
07 Jan 2011:  Green Thumb: Birth of botany; Early American brothers remembered for cultivating way of life 
07 Jan 2011:  Tomatoes Found to Contain Nutrient Which Prevents Vascular Diseases (Solanum lycopersicum)
07 Jan 2011:  Using Cassava to Address Vitamin A Deficiency  (Manihot esculenta)
06 Jan 2011:  Exhibit displays Muir's botanical passion 
05 Jan 2011:  Botanical A-Z via Kew: British experts complete database of every plant name on the planet - all 1.25million of them 
04 Jan 2011:  Popular 'Quinoa' Energizing Bolivian Economy (Chenopodium quinoa - Chenopodiaceae)
04 Jan 2011:  Wake Up and Smell the Willow (Salix)
04 Jan 2011:  The Movement of Tree Sap Analyzed  (Fagus sylvatica)

01 Jan 2011:  Neandertals’ Extinction Not Caused by Deficient Diets, Tooth Analysis Shows 
01 Jan 2011:  Budding Research Links Climate Change and Earlier Flowering Plants 


31 Dec 2010:  Evolutionary Arms Race Between Smut Fungi and Maize Plants  (Zea mays subsp. mays)
30 Dec 2010:  Gatekeeper for Tomato Pollination Identified  (Solanum lycopersicum)

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