Botanical Items and Issues in the News - Fall, 2010


01 Dec 2010:  Plant Clock Gene Also Works in Human Cell
01 Dec 2010:  Natural Reforestation in Southern Pyrenees Favours Orchid  (Cypripedium)

01 Dec 2010:  Food security wanes as world warms  
02 Dec 2010:  Plan for Creationist 'Ark' Park Draws Paleontologists' Ire 
03 Dec 2010:  Slain botanist’s wife seeks NBI help 
03 Dec 2010:  B.C. fruit growers troubled by apple modification 
((Malus domestica - Rosaceae)


01 Nov 2010:  Saltbush survey reveals bunch of new species
  (Atriplex - Chenopodiaceae)
01 Nov 2010:  If GMO Genes Escape, How Will the Hybrids Do? Fitness and Growth of Sorghum, Shattercane, and Its Wild-Crop Hybrid in Nebraska  (Sorghum - Poaceae)
01 Nov 2010:  Grasses Have Potential as Alternate Ethanol Crop, Illinois Study Finds 
01 Nov 2010:  'Evergreen Agriculture' Boosts Crop Yields, Scientists Find  (Acacia - Mimosaceae)
02 Nov 2010:  Eating Saffron Could Lower Alzheimer's Risk  (Crocus sativus - Iridaceae)
02 Nov 2010:  Some City Trees May Discourage 'Shady' Behavior; Study Explores Relationship Between Urban Trees and Crime 
02 Nov 2010:  How some plants spread their seeds: Ready, set, catapult  (Cardamine parviflora - Brassicaceae)
03 Nov 2010:  The developmental dynamics of the maize leaf transcriptome  (Zea mays  - Poaceae)
03 Nov 2010:  Italians spend millions on flowers for All Souls' Day 
03 Nov 2010:  Levels of Coumarin in Cassia Cinnamon Vary Greatly Even in Bark from the Same Tree  (Cinnamomum aromaticum - Lauraceae)
04 Nov 2010:  Spontaneous GMOs in Nature: Researchers Show How a Genetically Modified Plant Can Come About 
04 Nov 2010:  Eight New Species Discovered in Boliva National Parks  (Passiflora - Passifloraceae)
04 Nov 2010:  Retailers of Texas citrus can expect high-quality fruit  (Citrus - Rutaceae)
05 Nov 2010:  Beetles Offer Effective Weed Control, but Native Vegetation Hard to Re-Establish  (Euphorbia esula - Euphorbiaceae)
08 Nov 2010:  New Malaria Drug Could Save Tens of Thousands  (Artemisia annua - Asteraceae)
08 Nov 2010:  Cannabis compounds make females more masculine 
(Cannabis - Cannabaceae)
08 Nov 2010:  Fire fuels success of Flowering Plants 
08 Nov 2010:  How Venus flytraps avoid snapping up lousy meals  (Dionaea muscipula - Droseraceae)
08 Nov 2010:  'Doomsday vault' gets large shipment of rice 
(Oryza - Poaceae)
09 Nov 2010:  How the Dragon Got Its 'Snap': Computer Modeling and Experimental Genetics Combined to Work out Complex Shapes of Organs  (Antirrhinum majus  - Scrophulariaceae)
09 Nov 2010:  DNA Reveals Origins of First European Farmers  (also)
09 Nov 2010:  Food price fears as US warns on crop yields 
10 Nov 2010:  Rice research goes global 
(Oryza - Poaceae)
10 Nov 2010:  Fructose poses gout risks even in women  (Fructose)
10 Nov 2010:  Natural Selection on Not-So-Natural Plants  (Cucurbita)
10 Nov 2010:  Outdoor Notebook: Botanist wins Confluence Award   
11 Nov 2010:  Invading Weed Threatens Devastation to Western Rangelands  (Taeniatherum caput-medusae - Poaceae)
11 Nov 2010:  Rapid warming boosted ancient rainforest 
11 Nov 2010:  MYSTERY PLANT 71   (Ceratonia siliqua)

12 Nov 2010:  Fungal threads are the internet of the plant world  
12 Nov 2010:  A Devilish Grass Invades the West 
(Taeniatherum caput-medusae - Poaceae)
13 Nov 2010:  Oceanography Researchers Discover Toxic Algae in Open Water  (Pseudo-nitzschia)
14 Nov 2010:  Cocaine trumps food for female rats 
(Erythroxylum coca - Erythroxylaceae)
15 Nov 2010:  New species of carnivorous pitcher plant discovered in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains  (Nepenthes - Nepenthaceae)
15 Nov 2010:  Uganda: Nation's Flower Sector Recovering 
15 Nov 2010:  C4 grasses evolved earlier than previously thought  (C4 photosynthesis - Poaceae)
16 Nov 2010:  Using Plants Against Soils Contaminated With Arsenic 
(Oryza - Poaceae)
16 Nov 2010:  World's forests suffer from 'leakage' 
16 Nov 2010:  Slain botanist known for his work on medicinal plants  
16 Nov 2010:  Flower Power Botanicals gets OK from Larimer County officials
(Cannabis - Cannabaceae)
16 Nov 2010:  Sticky Snack for Elephant-Shrews  (Whiteheadia bifolia)
17 Nov 2010:  Advance Toward Controlling Fungus That Caused Irish Potato Famine  (Solanum tuberosum - Solanaceae)
17 Nov 2010:  Landing Lights for Bumblebees  (Antirrhinum majus - Scrophulariaceae)
18 Nov 2010:  Funding woes afflict African herbal therapy institute
18 Nov 2010:  No crossfire when botanist Leonard Co was shot, witness says 
18 Nov 2010:  In Fending Off Diseases, Plants and Animals Are Much the Same, Research Shows 
18 Nov 2010:  Evolutionary Arms Race Between Plant-Eating Insects and Host Plants Illuminated 
19 Nov 2010:  Who really killed leading botanist?   
19 Nov 2010:  Why Plants Are (Usually) Better Than Drugs  
19 Nov 2010:  Red wine packed with antidiabetes compounds 
(Vitis vinifera - Vitaceae)
19 Nov 2010:  'Slain UP botanist a rare species'  
19 Nov 2010:  Slain botanist heard begging for mercy 

19 Nov 2010:  Queens residents say trees stink   (Ginkgo biloba) - dioecious - NO fruit
22 Nov 2010:  The Puzzle of Biological Diversity  (Yucca brevifolia - Agavaceae)
22 Nov 2010:  Gene Find Could Lead to Healthier Food, Better Biofuel Production 
22 Nov 2010:  Do Wi-Fi signals kill trees? 
23 Nov 2010:  CHR places top priority on probe of botanist’s killing  
23 Nov 2010:  Cuba to Unveil Plaque in Homage to Swedish Botanist 
23 Nov 2010:  Koala Bears May Be the 'Pickiest' Marsupials Around  (Eucalyptus)
24 Nov 2010:  Mildew-resistant and microgametophyte resistant as well  (Arabidopsis thaliana - Brassicaceae)
24 Nov 2010:  Glowing trees to replace street lamps (Bacopa caroliniana)
24 Nov 2010:  De Lima orders probe of botanist’s death 
25 Nov 2010:  Can Cacti 'Escape' Underground in High Temperatures? How a Certain Species Will Potentially Handle Global Warming  (Ariocarpus fissuratus - Cactaceae)
27 Nov 2010:  Planting seeds for the future: Russian botanist visits Arboretum 
29 Nov 2010:  New Knowledge on 'Re-Discovered' Switchgrass Moth 
(Panicum virgatum - Poaceae)
29 Nov 2010:  Plants that glow on their own developed  
29 Nov 2010:  Fruit giant to dole out $200,000 over Bananas!* lawsuit 
29 Nov 2010:  Poinsettias that glow in the dark? Genetic engineers at work  (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
29 Nov 2010:  Plants flowering later on the Tibetan Plateau 
29 Nov 2010:  DNA Evidence Supports a Coastal Northeastern Atlantic Glacial Refugium for a Boreal Tree Species 
30 Nov 2010:  California's Controlled Fires Boost Biodiversity 
30 Nov 2010:  Papal advisers urge support for modified crops  
30 Nov 2010:  Transgenic Crops: How Genes Jump from Crop to Crop 


01 Oct 2010:  Key ingredient staves off marijuana memory loss  (Cannabis - Cannabaceae)
01 Oct 2010:  Could Genetically Altered Trees, Plants Help Counter Global Warming? 
01 Oct 2010:  True cost of cheap pineapples in UK supermarkets 
(Ananas comosus - Bromeliaceae)
01 Oct 2010:  Uganda prepares to plant transgenic bananas  (Musa - Musaceae)
04 Oct 2010:  Using Cassava to Address Vitamin A Deficiency  (Manihot esculenta - Euphorbiaceae)

04 Oct 2010:  Tracking Invasive Species from Riverside to Pandora  (Arundo donax - Poaceae)
05 Oct 2010:  Microbes Engineered for Low-Cost Production of Anti-Cancer Drug, Taxol  (Taxus brevifolia - Taxaceae)
05 Oct 2010:  Volcano Fuels Massive Phytoplankton Bloom 
06 Oct 2010:  A peculiar pumpkin at the patch  (expanded, pithy peduncle = Cucurbita maxima - Cucurbitaceae - probably cv. 'red warty thing')
06 Oct 2010:  Pumpkin farmers profit with odd, ugly varieties  (Jarrahdale)
06 Oct 2010:  Invasive Tallowtree Spreading Rapidly Across Gulf Coast  (Triadica sebifera - Euphorbiaceae)
06 Oct 2010:  Natural flavours are key for ingredients growth  (Chinese monk fruit:  Siraitia grosvenorii  - Cucurbitaceae)
06 Oct 2010:  Farmer sweet on tart fruit 
(Vaccinium - Ericaceae)
07 Oct 2010:  A rare and welcome sight on the wayside  (Viburnum lantana - Caprifoliaceae)
07 Oct 2010:  Plants That Filter The Air In Your Home From Toxic Chemicals  (Areca, Nephrolepis, Chlorophytum)
07 Oct 2010:  GM maize offers windfall for conventional farms 
(Zea mays  - Poaceae)
07 Oct 2010:  Biggest Genome Ever  (Paris japonica - Liliaceae)
07 Oct 2010:  Deceitful Lily Fools Flies: Solomon's Lily Imitates a Yeasty Odor to Lure Vinegar Flies Into a Trap  (Arum palaestinum - Araceae)
08 Oct 2010:  Egg-laying monarchs choose plants that have a medicinal benefit for their caterpillars  (Asclepias - Asclepiadaceae)

08 Oct 2010:  Rare plant has biggest genome yet found  (Paris japonica - Liliaceae)
10 Oct 2010:  Brazos Valley is Home to the Biggest Pumpkin in Texas  (Cucurbita maxima - Cucurbitaceae)
11 Oct 2010:  A Taste For Absinthe: 6 Cocktails To Try At Home (Artemisia absinthium - Asteraceae)
12 Oct 2010:  In Elevated Carbon Dioxide, Soybeans Stumble but Invasive Cheatgrass Keeps on Truckin'  (Bromus tectorum - Poaceae)
12 Oct 2010:  Invisible World Teeming With Microscopic Algae Revealed 
12 Oct 2010:  Flowers' stripes serve as landing strips for bees (Antirrhinum - Scrophulariaceae)
12 Oct 2010:  The Necessity of Conservation, and of Eating Ripe, Green Bananas  (Musa - Musaceae)
12 Oct 2010:  Threatened plant found after record rain  (Eleocharis papillosa - Cyperaceae)
12 Oct 2010:  Fresh hope for Pavlovsk seed bank 
13 Oct 2010:  Bloody Gourd May Contain Beheaded King’s DNA  (Lagenaria -
13 Oct 2010:  Bringing plants to people: Dr. Ernie Small 
14 Oct 2010:  Insecticides from Genetically Modified Corn Found in Adjacent Streams  (Zea mays  - Poaceae)
14 Oct 2010:  Nectar Production in Lima Beans Depends on Light Quality  (Phaseolus lunatus - Fabaceae)
14 Oct 2010:  Gesneriad conference part of Selby Gardens' effort to rebuild reputation  (Gesneriaceae)
14 Oct 2010:  How testing improves memory 
14 Oct 2010:  Orchid Tricks Hoverflies: Mimics Aphid Alarm Pheromones to Attract Pollinators  (Epipactis - Orchidaceae)
14 Oct 2010:  The risks and benefits of using poplars for biofuels   (Populus - Salicaceae)
15 Oct 2010:  Native rice may hold key to food future  (Oryza - Poaceae)
15 Oct 2010:  Lifetime honour for botanist 
17 Oct 2010:  New Genus of Tree Discovered; Related to Sandalwoods  (Hondurodendron urceolatum
- Aptandraceae)
18 Oct 2010:  U.S. Forests Soak Up Carbon Dioxide, But For How Long? 
18 Oct 2010:  Pomegranates on the rise in region  (Punica granatum - Lythraceae)
18 Oct 2010:  Killer of Aspen Slows, but Worries About a Beloved Tree Remain 
(Populus tremuloides - Salicaceae)
18 Oct 2010:  Oldest direct evidence of humans grinding plants into flour?  (Typha - Typhaceae)
18 Oct 2010:  Mutation Over 100 Million Years Ago Led Flowers to Make Male and Female Parts Differently 
18 Oct 2010:  Flower Power: Genetic Modification Could Amply Boost Plants' Carbon-Capture and Bioenergy Capacity 
19 Oct 2010:  Planted, Unplanted Artificial Wetlands Are Similar at Year 15, and Function as Effective Carbon Sinks 
20 Oct 2010:  Creationism lives on in US public schools 
20 Oct 2010:  New tree genus discovered Find in Honduras is akin to a once-in-a-lifetime experience
(Hondurodendron urceolatum - Aptandraceae)
20 Oct 2010:  Largest pumpkin ever grown  - World Record  (Cucurbita maxima - Cucurbitaceae)
20 Oct 2010:  UW researchers get millions from grant to study plant evolution in Wisconsin 
21 Oct 2010:  Irish botanist discovers new genus in Honduras jungle  (Hondurodendron urceolatum - Aptandraceae)
21 Oct 2010:  Sex, lies and pomegranate juice focus of U.S. legal battle  (Punica granatum - Lythraceae)
21 Oct 2010:  Spider lilies require patience  (Lycoris radiata - Amaryllidaceae)
21 Oct 2010:  Botany: Uneasy Evolutionary Balance Between Using and Avoiding Self-Fertilization  (Atropa belladonna - Solanaceae)
21 Oct 2010:  Tree Leaves Fight Pollution 
21 Oct 2010:  Efforts Underway to Rescue Vulnerable Bananas, Giant Swamp Taro, Other Pacific Island Crops  (Cyrtosperma merkusii - Araceae)
22 Oct 2010:  California breeder keeps perfecting peaches, plums  (hybrid Prunus - Rosaceae) - apricot (Prunus armeniaca) x plum (Prunus domestica)
23 Oct 2010:  Expedition nets 10 000 plus species 
25 Oct 2010:  Discovery May Help Scientists Boost Broccoli’s Cancer-Fighting Power 
(Brassica oleracea - Brassicaceae)
25 Oct 2010:  Blood of Louis XVI may be hidden inside gourd  (Lagenaria - Cucurbitaceae)
26 Oct 2010:  Botany Photo of the Day  (Manihot esculenta - Euphorbiaceae)
26 Oct 2010:  Japanese Wineries Betting on a Reviled Grape  (Vitis vinifera - Vitaceae)
26 Oct 2010:  Tale of the Headless Dragonfly: Ancient Struggle, Preserved in Amber 
26 Oct 2010:  Plastic from Plants: Is It an Environmental Boon or Bane? 
26 Oct 2010:  Plant Stem Cells Could Be Fruitful Source of Low-Cost Cancer Drug  (Taxus brevifolia - Taxaceae)
27 Oct 2010:  Biodiversity and Poverty Reduction: Who Controls the Seeds? 
27 Oct 2010:  Winter Squash: New Faces In The Pumpkin Patch  (Cucurbita - Cucurbitaceae)
28 Oct 2010:  Root of the matter: A new map shows life-saving forests' scarcity defies past estimates  
28 Oct 2010:  Are we having another food crisis?  
29 Oct 2010:  Fear The Pumpkin: In Ukraine, It's The Big Kiss-Off  (Cucurbita pepo - Cucurbitaceae)
29 Oct 2010:  Grass could turn toxic waste into energy  (Pennisetum purpureum - Poaceae)
29 Oct 2010:  Halloween Science: Growing the Great Pumpkin  (Cucurbita maxima - Cucurbitaceae)
29 Oct 2010:  Seeds of dispute 
29 Oct 2010:  Supersizing pumpkins......Engineers model extreme growth in fruits  (Cucurbita maxima - Cucurbitaceae)
29 Oct 2010:  A Botanical Sketch in Progress  (Melastomataceae)
31 Oct 2010:  Seattle apple show serves sampling of state's top crop   (
(Malus domestica - Rosaceae)
31 Oct 2010:  Plant's Light Switch Could Be Used to Control Cells 


01 Sep 2010:  Charles Darwin's evolution experiment on Ascension isle 
02 Sep 2010:  Ants Take on Goliath Role in Protecting Trees in the Savanna from Elephants (Acacia drepanolobium - Fabaceae)
02 Sep 2010:  Hawaii plant thought to be extinct found in Kohala (Clermontia peleana subsp. singuliflora - Campanulaceae) - another story
03 Sep 2010:  Cows Prefer Red Clover, Boost Milk Production (Trifolium pratense - Fabaceae)
03 Sep 2010:  Plant and spiders compete for food  (Drosera - Droseraceae)
03 Sep 2010:  A celebrity "Botany Diary" 
03 Sep 2010:  Blue Breed: Rare Hibiscus Color Is Achieved Thanks to Flower Breeding Project  (Hibiscus - Malvaceae)
05 Sep 2010:  Mosquitoes: Genetic Structure of First Animal to Show Evolutionary Response to Climate Change Determined (Sarracenia purpurea - Sarraceniaceae)
05 Sep 2010:  The case of the vanishing taxonomists  
06 Sep 2010:  Hallucinogenic Devil’s Trumpet plant found in back garden (Datura - Solanaceae)
06 Sep 2010:  Ancient Nubians drank antibiotic beer  (Hordeum vulgare - Poaceae)
07 Sep 2010:  Plants missing bees' buzz 
07 Sep 2010:  Australian growers develop super-pineapple (Ananas comosus - Bromeliaceae)
07 Sep 2010:  Potomac River: 10-Fold Increase in Native Submerged Vegetation Reflects Improved Water Quality   
07 Sep 2010:  Carnivorous plants losing ground in the U.S.  (Darlingtonia californica - Sarraceniaceae)
08 Sep 2010:  One of rarest flowers in world blooms for first time in 200 years (Franklinia alatamaha - Theaceae)
09 Seo 2010:  Previously Known as Animal-Only Pigment, Bilirubin Now Confirmed in Bird of Paradise Flower  (Strelitzia reginae - Strelitziaceae)
09 Sep 2010:  Botanist to examine Czech invasive plants' conduct overseas
09 Sep 2010:  Cotton shortage = Pricey T-shirts and jeans  (Gossypium hirsutum - Malvaceae)
09 Sep 2010:  Researchers Expand Yeast's Sugary Diet to Include Plant Fiber 
09 Sep 2010:  Herb quells cows' methane-laden belches (Origanum vulgare - Lamiaceae)
09 Sep 2010:  Blooming 'corpse flower' near pungent display at BU  (Amorphophallus titanum - Araceae) youtube clip - BBC
10 Sep 2010:  The race to create frankenfuel (related to the yeast story above)
10 Sep 2010:  Over-the-Top Grass Control in Sorghum on the Horizon (Sorghum bicolor - Poaceae)
12 Sep 2010:  Wildflower ‘armors’ Itself Against Disease  (Thlaspi - Brassicaceae)
13 Sep 2010:  Nature's Gift for Gardening May Hold Key to Biodiversity  (Rhododendron - Ericaceae)

13 Sep 2010:  Evolve or Die! It's Tough to Be a Mexican Fish (piscicide:  Lonchocarpus - Fabaceae)
14 Sep 2010:  Where have all the British botanists gone, just when we need them? 
14 Sep 2010:  Flower fashion hits NY catwalk 
14 Sep 2010:  Learning to Live on Land: How Some Early Plants Overcame an Evolutionary Hurdle 
14 Sep 2010:  Does 'Corn Sugar' Sound Healthier Than 'High Fructose Corn Syrup'? (Zea mays  - Poaceae)
15 Sep 2010:  Rival Candy Projects Both Parse Cocoa’s DNA  (Theobroma cacao - Sterculiaceae)
15 Sep 2010:  Sept. 15, 1884: Eyeing Cocaine as Local Anesthetic (Erythroxylum coca - Erythroxylaceae)
15 Sep 2010:  Discovery of the Secrets That Enable Plants Near Chernobyl to Shrug Off Radiation 
15 Sep 2010:  Hold Your Nose! Corpse Flower Drops a Stink Bomb  (Amorphophallus titanum - Araceae) youtube clip1 youtube clip2 youtube clip3
16 Sep 2010:  Top 200 Universities of the Planet (no mention of Texas)
16 Sep 2010:  Sugar Beet Beatdown: Engineered Varieties Banned    (Beta vulgaris - Chenopodiaceae)
16 Sep 2010:  Toward Resolving Darwin's 'Abominable Mystery': Patterns of Flower Biodiversity Point to the Importance of Having 'Room to Grow' 
17 Sep 2010:  First rice, then wheat – now cocoa genome unravelled  (Theobroma cacao - Sterculiaceae)
17 Sep 2010:  Corn Syrup Producers Want Sweeter Name: Corn Sugar (Zea mays  - Poaceae)
20 Sep 2010:  Campus Lecture (Dr. William E. Rogers):  A Decade of Investigating Chinese Tallow Tree Invasions.... (4-5pm, 501 Rudder Tower)
20 Sep 2010:  Aggies dedicated to killing, then burning trees 
20 Sep 2010:  Prince Charles (on the other hand - above):  "I happily talk to the plants and trees, and listen to them. I think it's absolutely crucial"
20 Sep 2010:  Key Component Identified That Helps Plants Go Green 
20 Sep 2010:  The battle to save Russia's Pavlovsk seed bank 

20 Sep 2010:  A Perk of Our Evolution: Pleasure in Pain of Chilies  (Capsicum - Solanaceae)
20 Sep 2010:  'Blue Suede' Premiers: New Blueberry Recommended for Home Gardeners  (Vaccinium - Ericaceae)
21 Sep 2010:  More than half of all flowering plant names to be scrapped  (note:  most synonyms are valid and also essential if more than one classification exists)
21 Sep 2010:  Ecologists Find New Clues on Climate Change in 150-Year-Old Pressed Plants  (Ophrys sphegodes - Orchidaceae)
21 Sep 2010:  College Students Want More Information About Native Wildflowers  (Gaillardia pulchella - Asteraceae)
22 Sep 2010:  Rare Aussie plants sprout in rain  (Glycyrrhiza - Fabaceae)
22 Sep 2010:  Antique Pressed Orchids Used as Climate Change Data  (Ophrys sphegodes - Orchidaceae)
23 Sep 2010:  Rare flowers not necessarily so 
23 Sep 2010:  Woman Fends Off Bear Attack With Zucchini  (Cucurbita pepo - Cucurbitaceae)
24 Sep 2010:  When a Drug Battle Spells Extinction  (Erythroxylum coca - Erythroxylaceae) also - 'super coca'
24 Sep 2010:  Withering Well Can Improve Fertility  (Lavandula - Lamiaceae)
24 Sep 2010:  Rare fossilised flower found, related to sunflowers  (Asteraceae) - related story
24 Sep 2010:  Scientists Release First Cultivated Ohelo Berry for Hawaii  (Vaccinium reticulatum - Ericaceae)
25 Sep 2010:  Rust never sleeps:  A new flare-up in an age-old battle between wheat and a fungal killer (Triticum - Poaceae)
26 Sep 2010:  The Joy of Sets: For Ants and Trees, Multiple Partners Are a Boon  (Acacia drepanolobium -
27 Sep 2010:  Foreign plants, animals conquering native species  (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata   - Vitaceae)
27 Sep 2010:  Old Trees May Soon Meet Their Match  (Pinus longaeva - Pinaceae)
27 Sep 2010:  Insecticides from Genetically Modified Corn Found in Adjacent Streams 
(Zea mays  - Poaceae)
28 Sep 2010:  Plagiarized Report Presents New Hurdle to GM Eggplant in India  (Solanum melongena - Solanaceae)
28 Sep 2010:  The U.S. National Research Council releases the Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs 
28 Sep 2010:  Pressed Plants Galore  
29 Sep 2010:  Genome Inversion Gives Plant a New Lifestyle  (Mimulus guttatus  - Scrophulariaceae)
29 Sep 2010:  How Plants Drove First Animals Onto Land  (
Ginkgo biloba)
29 Sep 2010:  How Plant Biologists Hit a $75 Million Jackpot 
29 Sep 2010:  More Than One-Fifth of World's Plants Face Threat of Extinction, New Analysis Finds 
29 Sep 2010:  India facing crop shortage as pollinators disappear  


29 Aug 2010:  "Heterozygous" golden delicious apple genome sequenced (Malus domestica - Rosaceae)
30 Aug 2010:   Deadly plant found in Sleights garden  (Datura - Solanaceae)
30 Aug 2010:   From a Desert Plant, a Scented Cry for Help (Nicotiana attenuata - Solanaceae)
30 Aug 2010:  The First Feast? (of pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer folk)
31 Aug 2010:  The Artist As Botanist, The Botanist As Artist 

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