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Texas Vascular Plant Checklist:  Papaveraceae


Argemone aenea G.B. Ownbey   golden pricklypoppy   (NM)
Argemone albiflora Hornem.   bluestem pricklypoppy   (LA, AR)
    Argemone albiflora Hornem. ssp. texana G.B. Ownbey   bluestem pricklypoppy   (LA, AR)
Argemone aurantiaca G.B. Ownbey   Texas pricklypoppy   (TX)
Argemone chisosensis G.B. Ownbey   Chisos Mountain pricklypoppy   (TX)
Argemone mexicana L.   Mexican pricklypoppy   (LA, AR)
Argemone polyanthemos (Fedde) G.B. Ownbey   crested pricklypoppy   (OK, NM)
Argemone sanguinea Greene   red pricklypoppy   (TX)
Argemone squarrosa Greene   hedgehog pricklypoppy   (OK, NM)
    Argemone squarrosa Greene ssp. glabrata G.B. Ownbey   hedgehog pricklypoppy   (NM)


Eschscholzia californica Cham.   California poppy   (LA, NM)
    Eschscholzia californica Cham. ssp. mexicana (Greene) C. Clark   California poppy   (NM)


Glaucium corniculatum (L.) J.H. Rudolph   blackspot hornpoppy   (OK)


Papaver rhoeas L.   corn poppy   (LA, AR, NM)
Papaver somniferum L.   opium poppy   (LA, OK, NM)


Sanguinaria canadensis L.   bloodroot   (LA, AR, OK)

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