Texas Trailing Phlox
Phlox nivalis ssp. texensis

by Valerie Nethery

*photo from Texas Parks and Wildlife

    Texas Trailing Phlox is a member of the family Polemoniaceae.  It grows as a clump of spreading evergreen with leafy shoots, many sprouting erect flowering shoots 10 to 20 cm. high.  The flowers have five petals - standard for Phlox - and are lilac or white in color.  The flowers bloom in spring and have only a faint fragrance.  Texas Trailing Phlox grows on sandy slopes located in the disappearing open pine-oak woods of eastern Texas.  This and other members of the Phlox nivalis species so often grow near pine trees that they are collectively termed Pine Phlox.  The texensis subspecies has been federally listed as endangered since September 30, 1991.

 Ecology and Distribution

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