Other Common Names:

Peote, piotl, challote, mescal,rais diabolica,

dry whiskey, dumpling cactus, tunade tierra

Significance of Name:

Greek lophos - crest or plume

phorein - to carry

Description of Plant:

Lophophora williamsii isa cactus plant that grows to about 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Ithas a pink or white flower, daisy-like in appearance. The plant itselfis a bluish-green, spineless (when mature), globular, cactus with tuberclesand a turnip-like taproot. Lophophora williamsii is found in SouthernTexas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Other Species in Lophophora:

Lophophora diffusa is theonly other species in the Lophophora genus. It is similar in appearanceto the L. diffusa plant. Thisplant is ribless, soft, yellowish-green in color and has less of the hallucinogenicalkaloid, mescaline, than does L. williamsii.

Source used for this page:

Cullmann, Willy, and Dr. Erich Gotz,and Dr. Gerhard Groner. The Encyclopedia of Cacti. Portland: TimberPress, 1984.

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