Papaver somniferum is also called the Opium poppy plant. It is found in Southeast Asia and is mainly grown in China and India. Opium has a wide variety of effects on the human body. The three most popular + natural opiates are codeine, heroin, and morphine.

Opium spread to the West because of the British. The British empire controlled the trade route in the East, and in the 1700's they started importing Opium to the West.

Varieties of poppy's are grown for their oil, which artists use in their paints. The s varieties contain no alkaloids and are used canvases. Codeine and Heroin are strongly addictive drugs. Codeine is used for helping people control their pain, but it has very unstable side effects. Heroin was discovered by a German scientist who found it to be highly effective in the treatment of coughs, chest pains, and the discomfort of tuberculosis. Heroin is the most powerful form of morphine, it crosses the membrane between the blood and brain more quickly.

Morphine is the most widely used opiate, it can used for many different purposes. The withdrawl following addictions to morphine are somewhat more prolonged then heroin.

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