Other Uses of This or Related Species

herbal stimulant for the athelete

enhancing thermogenic weight loss

herbal ecstacy

The herbal industry has promoted the usage of Ephedra in diet and energy products.

Ephedra: Other Uses of This or Related Species

Ephedra has several other, if not controversial,
uses besides being brewed like a strong pot of coffee.

By the same process in which instant coffee is made, Ma huang extract is similarly concentrated, only with about three times the alkaloid as that in the herb. It is a product that is used every day, and is considered safe, when consumed in reasonable concentrations.

Herbal Stimulants for the Athelete

A growing percentage of atheletes, at least in America, are aware of the benefits of Chinese Herbs. Many have begn advocating their use as an alternative to heavy doses of steroids, vitamins, and amino acids. By combining a strict diet, exercise, mental discipline, and the correct dosage of herbs, one may maintain the proper yin and yang balance and fortify his or her ch'i energy.
As a sudorfic, Ephedra effects the central nervous system, provides energy, and opens up the lungs. It also induces sweating and regulates water balance, which can be helpful, as well, to the athelete.
In 1994, however, the herb was banned from sale in Ohio. It was reported that a football player ingested 33 tablets of ephedrine before he died of an overdose.

Thermogenic Weight Loss

The flurry of controversy now regarding Ephedra circulates around its growing usage as a diet aid. It has been found that, when combined with aspirin, Ephedra may be put to use as a treatment for human obesity.This utilization of the herb is a hot current issue.

Herbal Ecstacy

A slightly taboo application of the herb is its capacity to mimic the street drug, Ecstacy. Already there are homepages up that will sell them to you, and it is completely legal. Newsgroups talk about its effectiveness online; there are many passages to browse through which can be found using Alta Vista. Search for '+ephedra +ecstasy'.

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