Texas A&M University - Department of Biology
Departmental Seminar - BIOL 481 (507) - Fall Semester, 1997
Instructor: Dr. Hugh D. Wilson (email)

Departmental seminars allow students to explore a wide range of topics and share the results of independent research, usually as a series of presentations to the class.  Students enrolled in the Fall, 1997  'Medical Botany' seminar opted - at the first class meeting - to use the World Wide Web as a substitute for 'traditional' seminar presentations this semester.  The result of their work, web-based reports on assorted medicinal plants, is presented below:
Aloe barbadensis
Danna Dippel
Catharanthus roseus Michael Hammack
Podophyllum peltatum
Daniel Hirmas
Uncaria tomentosa
Barbara Martinez
Plantago lanceolata
Troy Moore
Atropa belladonna
Michelle Ong
Echinacea angustifolia
Jennifer Simek
Ginko biloba
Clifton Williamson
Hypericum perforatum
Rachel Zammit

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Medical Botany I (Fall, 1996)

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