Texas A&M University - Department of Biology
Departmental Seminar - BIOL 481 (507) - Fall Semester, 1996
See Medical Botany II for Fall Semester, 1997
Instructor: Dr. Hugh D. Wilson

Departmental seminars allow students to explore a wide range of topics and share the results of independent research, usually as a series of presentations to the class. Students enrolled in the 'Medical Botany' seminar opted - at the first class meeting - to use the World Wide Web as a substitute for 'traditional' seminar presentations this semester. Their work, available via links listed below by taxon, was - mostly - completed during the last class meeting (10 December 1996):

Cannabis sativa Steven Anthony
Digitalis purpurea Hans Kocher
Ephedra equisetina/E. sinica Stephanie Hall
Erythoxylum coca Partha Mukherji
Lophophora williamsii Erin Santacroce
Papaver somniferum Raj Rumalla
Taxus brevifolia Michael Kelly
Humulus lupulus Jaime Sobarzo

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