Other Uses Of Cannabis

Cannabis has a much greater significance upon society than its medical use. Most people who use marihuana begin to do so between the ages of 12 and 18. The majority of them try the drug because of curiosity and not for any "medical use." The marihuana "high" varies from person to person and also from one time to another in the same individual. The relaxed state hemp creates may give a user a type of euphoria feeling or it may make a user feel their talents and capabilities have improved. This feeling could explain why hemp is used so much more as a recreational drug. The use of Cannabis as a recreational drug sky rocketed during the 1960ís and 1970ís. Many people who try marihuana use it only a few times or infrequently. However, others develop a strong desire for its effects and become regular users. Some regular users become dependant on the drug and have great difficulty in stopping its use. The recreational use of marihuana has become a serious problem not only among adults but among teenagers. Studies show that Cannabis has many side effects that can damage a wide range of organs and functions of the body including the lungs and reproductive system. The use of marihuana can have a positive effect upon a person with a serious illness but when used as a recreational drug the risks of hemp out weigh the advantages of the drug.

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