Another spot that you can drive to by car and explore relatively easily is Hot Springs. The Big Bend Natural History Association has prepared a brochure on this site that points out the highlights. There are several hot springs in the region of the Rio Grande, but this one is apparently the largest, with a flow of 250,000 gallons per day at a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It is located in an isolated area adjacent to the Rio Grande River.

Native Americans were apparently the first users of the hot spring, as indicated by the hollowing out of the rock, resulting in a tub of sorts. Other indications of their activities are pictographs on the cliffs.

The site was homesteaded by J. O. Langford in 1909 but was deserted in 1913 due to problems with Mexico. The Langfords returned in 1927 and built a post office/trading post, a motel, and a camping area. A bath house was built around the hot springs by Charles Livingston. The post office building remains, along with the foundation of the bath house. Bathers still use the hot springs which historically have been credited with curing a large number of ailments. It is very relaxing to sit in the hot spring water and watch the Rio Grande.


This is the post office.


These palm trees were apparently planted here.

These pictographs can be seen on the way down to the bathhouse.


The bath house itself was demolished for safety reasons, but the foundation and bath remain for the use of visitors. The waters of this bath are warm but the air can be cold, so be prepared for a shock when you stand up.