Processing Images from the DSC420

The Nikon N90s with the Kodak DSC 420 base


1. From the Window menu select Show Action
2. In the Actions menu is a blue button labeled KODAKTAMUFLOR…
3. Hit the button.  This will resize the image.
4. A message will appear telling you to use the move tool from the Tools Menu to drag the appropriate text onto the image. Hit the stop button to continue.
5. Drag the black or white text to an appropriate corner of the image.
6. Hit the button (It is now red) This will merge the text into the image.
7. A message will appear telling you to save the image as the first three letters of the family, genus, species, your initials and a number  to distinguish between pictures.(famgenspein1.jpg). Save as a jpg file. Save in C:Webwork/TAMU Flora
8. Hit the button (It should still be red) This will resize the image again.
9. A message will appear telling you to go to the File menu and drag down to Export.. GIF89a Export . Click OK. Save as a GIF file. (famgenspein1.gif)
    An alternate way of doing this is to hit the last button on the toolbar at the top of the screen. (Its the button that has Earth with an arrow coming out of it)
10. The button should now be blue again. That’s all there is to it.


 How to use the camera

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