How to use the camera

This page was designed to give some basic parts and functions of the camera.  Refer to the instructional manual for detailed information and pictures that are useful in mastering the use of the camera.  The best way to learn the camera is to go and try it out.

Top view of the camera.
Note the location of the Mode button on the left side and the Command Dial (#2), which is the large circular black dial on the far right. The shutter release button (#3) is lightly pressed to focus and fully pressed to take a photograph.

The LCD panel is the square screen shown in the center of the picture.  The number in the top left corner of the LCD panel is the shutter speed (shown as 100). To change the shutter speed, spin the Command Dial (#2) clockwise to lower and counterclockwise to raise. Most often the shutter speed is set at 100.  Next to the shutter speed is the Aperture (shown as Lo).  Lo is shown to indicate that there is not enough light.  Located below and to the left of the shutter speed is the Exposure mode (shown as S).  The most common use of the camera is in the S mode.  To change the exposure mode, turn the Command Dial while holding done the Mode button. All this is done while the power switch (#4) is in the On position.  While the camera is on, after several seconds it will "go to sleep" to save power. To "wake up" the camera, press the shutter release (#3) lightly.

Back view of the camera
The back LCD panel in the rectangular screen on the left side of the photo.  On the far left of the panel is the battery indicator. The battery is fully charged when all three squares are dark, as shown in the picture.  When the battery is dead, the bottom square will be the only one shown and it will be blinking.  The number next to the battery indicator is the frames remaining (shown as 178).  This number corresponds to the number of pictures than can be taken before the disk is full. The oval next to the frames remaining  corresponds to the amount of space left on the disk (shown as half full).  When the disk is full, the oval will be completely black.  To delete an image, press the Delete button once. When DEL  appears under the frames remaining, press the Delete button again.  This will delete the last image and the frames remaining number will increase by one. To record sound, hold down the record button (#5) and speak into the microphone (#6).  The oval will go blank and the amount that is black will then correspond to the volume of the sound being recorded. When the sound is completed, release the record button.

If the camera is not operating and the bottom square of the battery indicator is blinking, then the battery is dead, see

Charging the battery

See also:   Processing Images

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