"The Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group includes campus faculty, staff, and students with research and educational interests in the expression of biodiversity data using new information technologies. These pages provide an overview of the Working Group and its activities. "

NOTE:  This, and linked pages, represent archival documentation of prior work.  The TAMU-BWG has been out of operation for over a decade.  All pages are outdated; many are non-functional, and a good portion of the links present are dead.  Systems developed during the active period of the Working Group and currently maintained as teaching tools for BIOL 328 and BIOL 301 include:

                                       Vascular Plant Image Gallery
                                       The Flowering Plant Gateway
                                       TAMU Specimen Browser
                                       Texas Checklist - Plants and Texas Checklist - Synthesis

The Center for the Study of Digital Libraries is committed to the ongoing maintainence of these systems.